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Purchased in Government Museum Store in Guang Zhou 1978 w/antiquities wax stamp 1000 moe455
Purchased in Government Museum Store 1978 w/wax antiquities stamp. 1000 moe455
Amulet purchased in Guang Zhou in 1978. Museum Store run by the Chinese Government. Wax stamp... 1000 moe455
Hsien Feng 50 cash 40 MM Brass Zhong Bao REVERSE:Szechuan Mint, 5 + 10 = 50 1851 moe455
Purcchased 1978 in Antiquities store in Guang Zhou. Has wax stamp from the Chinese Government 1000 moe455
Purchased in Guang Zhou Museum Store. Wax Stamped by Chinese Antiquities Dept. 1000 moe455
Chia Hsi Tung Pao 28mm Reverse: 2 Mint Marks 1237 moe455
China Manchukuo 1937 5 fen. Nice condition except for the stain effect. Weight: 3.50g 1937 gxseries
Szechuan Province, Republic, Year 1 (1912) 10 Cash 1912 Mouser
Yung Lo -- Tung Pao 25mm 1403 moe455
Tao Kuang Tung Pao 23mm Reverse: Boo-Cang Nanchang Kiangsi Manchu Mint Mark 0 moe455
Cheng Hsien Hua (Generic) Cheng Ho 29mm Reverse Blank 1111 moe455
Chien Lung Tung Pao Reverse: Boo Yon (Yunnan Mint Manchu Mintmark --Translaqtes to Pao Yun 1736 moe455
Shun Chih Tung Pao 2 Mint marks on Reverse 27mm 1644 moe455
Hung Wu Tung Pao 24mm Reverse is Blank 0 moe455
Dragon Copper Coin Kuang Hsu Yuan Pao Hoo Poo 20 Cash 33mm 0 moe455
Dragon Copper Coin Hoo Poo -- 20 Cash 0 moe455
1912 Dr Sun Yat-sen Commemorative Silver Dollar for Birth of Republic of China with Lower... 1912 Yeyong
China Manchukuo 1934 5 fen. Da Tong 3. Nice condition. Weight: 3.49g. 1934 gxseries
China Manchukuo 1944 5 fen. Some corrosion otherwise nice condition. Weight: 0.80g. 1944 gxseries