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Yung Lo -- Tung Pao 25mm 1403 moe455
Tao Kuang Tung Pao 23mm Reverse: Boo-Cang Nanchang Kiangsi Manchu Mint Mark 0 moe455
Cheng Hsien Hua (Generic) Cheng Ho 29mm Reverse Blank 1111 moe455
Chien Lung Tung Pao Reverse: Boo Yon (Yunnan Mint Manchu Mintmark --Translaqtes to Pao Yun 1736 moe455
Shun Chih Tung Pao 2 Mint marks on Reverse 27mm 1644 moe455
Hung Wu Tung Pao 24mm Reverse is Blank 0 moe455
Dragon Copper Coin Kuang Hsu Yuan Pao Hoo Poo 20 Cash 33mm 0 moe455
Dragon Copper Coin Hoo Poo -- 20 Cash 0 moe455
1912 Dr Sun Yat-sen Commemorative Silver Dollar for Birth of Republic of China with Lower... 1912 Yeyong
China Manchukuo 1934 5 fen. Da Tong 3. Nice condition. Weight: 3.49g. 1934 gxseries
China Manchukuo 1944 5 fen. Some corrosion otherwise nice condition. Weight: 0.80g. 1944 gxseries
China Manchukuo 1933 5 fen. Weight: 3.49g. 1933 gxseries
China Manchukuo 1935 5 li. Very underrated coin. Weight: 3.49g. 1935 gxseries
China Manchukuo 1933 1 fen. A rather rare coin that is VERY underrated. Unfortunately scratched.... 1933 gxseries
51Sb Guizhou (Kweichow) province struck half a million 10 Fen coins of Antimony dated 1931 and... 1931 xphobe
Dollar 1914 HKMAL
ChinaPR 1 Yuan 1991 - Planting Trees Festival-3 1991 Akdeveli
ChinaPR 1 Yuan 1991 - Planting Trees Festival-2 1991 Akdeveli
ChinaPR 1 Yuan 1991 -Planting Trees Festival-1 1991 Akdeveli
China Fujian Province 1894 - 1900 1.44 mace. Cleaned. Weight: 5.30g. 1894 gxseries