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20 Yaum 1980 LostDutchman
"伏虎羅漢", Gilt Charm, Obv. & Rev.:"Buddha Lohan Tames the Tiger", 40mm, 4mm, 28g., Later... 955 Mcektam
One ounce version of this year's gold bullion panda. 2009 LawrenceChard
Hsien Feng Yuan Bao (咸丰元宝), 100 CASH, 55mm, 3mm, 37g, copper, Szechuan Mint, Qing... 1851 Mcektam
Hsien Feng Zhong Bao (咸丰重宝), 10 Cash, 37mm, copper, Kiangsi Mint, Qing... 1851 Mcektam
Y#206, (1909-1911) China Kwang-tung province dollar; silver, reeded edge; looks authentic to me... 1911 sandy3075
Fake Manchoukuo coin, made in Penang (Malaysia) by an old man in 1960s. The coins were delivered... 1960 HKMAL
Biscult Hua Quan A,Xin has 24mm diameter,weight is 4.9g. 14 fong
2 FEN(二分), ROC Year 29. 中華民國二十九年二分銅幣。 1940 Mcektam
Yong Tong Wan Guo (永通萬國), Emperor Jing Di of Northern Zhou Dynasty (577-581), 43mm,... 579 Mcektam
Northern Song 1039-1053 Obv:HUANG SONG TONG BAO AE/25mm 3.6 grams 1039 echizento
Shui Guan Tong Bao (水官通寶), 1 Cash, 23mm, Ming Dynasty Yunnan Dai Li Guo(1503-1505).... 1503 Mcektam
China, 5 yuan 2003. Chikan Tower on Treasure Island, Taiwan. 2003 Dok
1/2 FEN(半分), ROC Year 25. 中華民國二十五年半分銅幣。 1936 Mcektam
Qian Long Tong Bao (乾隆通宝), Cash copper coin, Qing Dynasty Emperor Gao Zong(1736-1795). 1736 Mcektam
2 Chiao(貳角), Nickel(鎳幣), Chi Tung Bank(冀東銀行), The East Hebei Autonomous Council... 1937 Mcektam
China Kiangnan 1898 dollar sized coin (heavily chopmarked) overstrucked to become a "China... 1990 gxseries
Tat-Ching Copper Coin (大清銅幣), 10 Cash, 38mm, "COPY" .... 1907 Mcektam
Northern Sung (960-1127 AD), Emperor Hui Zong (1101-1125 AD), Xuen He era (1118-1125 AD), seal... 1118 HKMAL
1/2 FEN(半分), ROC Year 25. 中華民國二十五年半分銅幣。 1936 Mcektam