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2 FEN(二分), ROC Year 29. 中華民國二十九年二分銅幣。 1940 Mcektam
Year 23. 'Junk' Dollar (Yuan). Weight 26.7g. Mintage 128,740,000; In 1949, coins dated year... 1934 Byrd740
China 1909 20 cash. Struck in yellow copper. Weight: 11.0g. 1909 gxseries
China, 1 yuan 1990. XI Asian Games. Sword Dancer. 1990 Dok
Zhi Ping Bai Qian “世平百錢”, Kingdom of Shu (221-265) of the Three Kingdoms Period... 228 Mcektam
China Guangdong Province 1929 20 cents. Pretty much UNC. 1929 gxseries
China Fengtien province 1905 10 cash. Struck in brass with reduced copper content (yellow... 1905 gxseries
Da Ding Tong Bao “大定通寶”, cash, 25mm, Reverse: Shen (申), Emperor Zhi Zong(1178) of... 1179 Mcektam
TEN CASH, Copper, KIANG-NAN. 大清銅幣,丙午,江南省,戸部,當制錢十文。 1906 Mcektam
Cash coin, Wan Li Tong Bao, 25mm, 0.5mm, Minted 1573-1619 of Ming Dynasty.... 1576 Mcektam
Jinling Hotel, 33mm, 2mm, brass token, Nan Jing. 1983年10月4日... 1983 Mcektam
Emperor Sheng Tsu, Reign title: K'ang Hsi, 1662-1722, Cha'ang, Wu-ch'ang in Hupei 1662 echizento
China Hubei province ND (1894) 1.44 mace. Reasonable condition. Weight: 5.3g. 1894 gxseries
Qian Long Tong Bao (乾隆通寶), Charm, 48mm, 4mm, 49g, Qian Long Emperor (1735-1798), Qing... 1740 Mcektam
Chong Ning Tong Bao (崇寧通寶), Northern Sung Dynasty (960-1127), 39mm, 3mm.... 1102 Mcektam
China Szechuan 1930s - so called Szechuan rupees. Introduced to reduce the reliance of Indian... 1930 gxseries
China 1990s 'Freedom dollar' overstruck over 1914 Yuan Shi Kai dollar coin. Organized by BCSSA.... 1990 gxseries
China, 1 yuan 1989. 40th Anniversary - Peoples Republic. 1989 Dok
Gan Lu Yuan Bao (甘露元寶), Yelü Bei (耶律倍) (926-936), the Ruler of Dongdan, (Bohai... 926 Mcektam
China, 5 yuan 2003. Chaotian Temple in Beigang, Taiwan. 2003 Dok