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Qian Long Tong Bao (乾隆通寶), CASH, copper, Fukien Mint, Qing Dynasty (1735-1798).... 1735 Mcektam
20 Fen, UNAUTHECTICATED! No mintmark as per Pattern #183 (Krause) and NOT megnetic (not pure... 1937 SMS
Northern Song Jing Kang Yuan Bao 2 Cash Seal script/ 北宋 靖康元寶﹐折二﹐正樣﹐ 篆書 1126 HKMAL
Chong Qing Yuan Bao (崇慶元寶), Reverse: “Moon Sun (月日)”, 32mm, copper, King Wei Shao... 1212 Mcektam
Kuang Hsu Tong Bao (光緒通宝), CASH, copper, Guang Dong Mint, Qing Dynasty(1875-1908).... 1875 Mcektam
1994 Munich International Coin Show 1oz Proof Silver Panda Medal. The obverse depicts the Great... 1994 pandausa
20-Cent Silver Coin, "Made in Foo-Kien Mint". 福建银币厂造癸亥 1.44,... 1923 Mcektam
Qing Dynasty Kiangnan Province 1905 Bronze 10 Cash, common in this grade but tough to locate in... 1905 HKMAL
Hunan AE 10 cash, Empire of China (self-proclaimed monarchy) 1916 HKMAL
China Kiangnan 1904 dollar sized coin overstrucked to become a "China Freedom dollar". Overstruck... 1990 gxseries
Ming dynasty (1361-1644), Emperor Xuande, His era name means 'Proclamation of virtue' (1426-35).... 1433 HKMAL
Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), Emperor Tang Daizong (764-779 AD), Da Li era (766-779 AD), Xinjiang... 766 HKMAL
China Kiangnan 1900 20 cents. Clip on the edge but nice details. Getting difficult to find these... 1900 gxseries
Silver coin Kwang Tung Province 5,4 Grm 1912 Purnama
Emperor Puye 1908-1912, reign title: Hsuan T'ung, machine struck, several die breaks 1908 echizento
Szechuan Province (四川省), Sikang Province(西康 省):Brass 100 CASH, 28mm, ROC Year 19... 1930 Mcektam
Qing Rebel Wu Shifan (吳世燔), Wu San Gui's eldest grandson Hong Hua Tong Bao (洪化通寶)... 1679 HKMAL
First cast coin/ 初鑄錢 (first generation from mother coin) of Qing dynasty Emperor Sheng Zu... 1667 HKMAL
Dragon with long feelers / whiskers,engraved Giorgi name before one dollar, my be fake... 1911 Purnama
China Hubei ND (1894) dollar coin. Nice chunk of silver! Normally found with lots of chopmarks... 1894 gxseries
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