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China, 5 yuan 2005. JingZi Pavilion, Taiwan. 2005 Dok
2pcs Northern of China nomadic people bronze money variety A,Zhou dynasty,it has 30mm and 44mm... -770 fong
Tai Ping Tian Guo (太平天国), 1 Cash, 25mm, Copper, Reverse: Shen Bao (寶聖), Rebel leader... 1860 Mcektam
Wei Wu Zhe Zu (唯吾知足), "Self-contented", Reverse: Ren Pei (紉佩), Gold-gilded Charm,... 1814 Mcektam
China 1902-1905 Kirin Province 10 cash. While Kirin Province silver coins are relatively easy to... 1902 gxseries
1 FEN, copper, Manchurian Provinces, Republic of China Year 18.... 1929 Mcektam
China, 5 yuan 1997. Crested Ibis. 1997 Dok
Brass cast model (pattern) specimen for iron coin (H#22.774v), 'Xian Feng Tong Bao', rev. 'Bao... 1855 HKMAL
very nice cash coin from the reign of Ch'eng Tsu (1403-1424) of the ming dynesty 1408 ScottO
Ming Dao Yuan Bao (明道元寶), 25mm, Silver, Emperor Ren Zong (1022-1063), Northern Song... 1032 Mcektam
Snake eye variety A Ban liang,Han dynasty Dynasty,it has 23.5mm Diameter,weight 2.4G. -202 fong
4 od North Song 's coins 1200 koreasangeun
Ming dynasty (1368-1644 AD), Emperor Shi Zong (1522 - 1567 AD), Jia Jing era, large character... 1528 HKMAL
Hui chang kai Yuan Tong bao rev Yi,made in Zheng Du,Tang dynasty,it has 23.5mm diameter,weight 3.8g. 845 fong
5 Li(伍釐), Copper(銅幣), Chi Tung Bank(冀東銀行), The East Hebei Autonomous Council... 1937 Mcektam
Y#206, (1909-1911) China Kwang-tung province dollar; silver, reeded edge; looks authentic to me... 1911 sandy3075
20 CASH, copper, Hunan Consitution, The Republic of China Year 11.... 1922 Mcektam
Hsien Feng Yuan Bao (咸丰元宝), 100 CASH, 55mm, 3mm, 37g, copper, Szechuan Mint, Qing... 1851 Mcektam
Hsien Feng Yuan Bao (咸丰元宝), 100 CASH, 49mm, 3mm, 31g., Gilt, Board of Public Works Mint,... 1851 Mcektam
Southern Sung (1127-1279 AD), Emperor Gao Zong (1127-1162 AD), regular script 'Jian Yan Tong... 1127 HKMAL
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