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光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), 5 CENTS, Silver, Kiang Nan Province.... 1898 Mcektam
China Yunnan Province 1909-11 3 mace 6 candareens. Nice silver coin. Weight: 13.27g. 1909 gxseries
Colored Rose from the Kunming Expo, Ag 1oz 1999 loei88
TEN FEN (拾分), Nickle, Hua Hsing Commercial Bank, The Republic of China Year 29.... 1940 Mcektam
Northern Song Rebellion, Li Shun (993-995 AD), 'Ying Gan Tong Bao'. 4.2g, Iron, 23.66mm.... 993 HKMAL
Emperor Zhen Zong, Xiang Fu Tong Bao 998-1022 998 echizento
Ghost Tian Qi. Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Emperor Xi Zong, Tian Qi era (1620-27), Ghost 'Tian Qi... 1621 HKMAL
Pattern coin, Ching Dynasty, Emperor Kwang-hsu 'Kwang hsu tong bao', ND(1897). Brass. 3.16g,... 1897 HKMAL
He Zhou Xing Yong Shi Bai(和州行用使百), Reverse: “18th District Local 200... 1240 Mcektam
天国 (Tian Guo), Reverse: 通寶 (Tong Bao), 36mm, 2mm, copper, Taiping Rebellion(1850-1864).... 1853 Mcektam
China 1898 Beiyang 2 jiao. Sadly holed otherwise a tough coin to find. Weight: 5.1g 1898 gxseries
崇禎通寶 (Chong Zheng Tong Bao), 5 Cash, 34mm, 2mm, Ming Dynasty(1368-1644).... 1628 Mcektam
第十九 (Di Shi Jiu), Reverse: "文許" (Min Hsu), Gilt Bronze, 40mm, 2mm, 17g., Qin Dynasty... -221 Mcektam
康定元寶 (Kang Ding Yuan Bao), N. Sung Dynasty Emperor Ren Zong(1023-1063), 20mm, 1mm. Very... 1040 Mcektam
1oz Proof Platinum Lunar Dragon Coin. Mintage is 2000. 1988 pandausa
Hu-Peh $, very fine 1895 HKMAL
大蜀通寶 (Da Shu Tong Bao), 25mm, 1mm, Trace of Silver found, Later Shu Kingdom (926-965),... 934 Mcektam
1856 Sterling Silver Tael Coin by Shanghai County Wang Yongsheng Silver Bank in China’s Ching... 1856 Yeyong
China Honan province 1912 50 cash. Scarce variety - instead of Honan, it says China on the... 1912 gxseries
1976 5 Fen Aluminum... 1976 elverno
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