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1/2 FEN(半分), ROC Year 25. 中華民國二十五年半分銅幣。 1936 Mcektam
20 CASH, copper, Hunan Consitution, The Republic of China Year 11.... 1922 Mcektam
Tat-Ching Copper Coin (大清銅幣), 10 Cash, 38mm, "COPY" .... 1907 Mcektam
Yong Tong Wan Guo (永通萬國), Emperor Jing Di of Northern Zhou Dynasty (577-581), 43mm,... 579 Mcektam
Ming dynasty (1368-1644 AD), Emperor Shi Zong (1522 - 1567 AD), Jia Jing era, large character... 1528 HKMAL
Xian Yong Tong Bao,Liao Dynasty,side of Northern Song Dynatsy of China,it has 23.8mm... 1065 fong
1/2 FEN(半分), ROC Year 25. 中華民國二十五年半分銅幣。 1936 Mcektam
Shui Guan Tong Bao (水官通寶), 1 Cash, 23mm, Ming Dynasty Yunnan Dai Li Guo(1503-1505).... 1503 Mcektam
2 Chiao(貳角), Nickel(鎳幣), Chi Tung Bank(冀東銀行), The East Hebei Autonomous Council... 1937 Mcektam
China Kiangnan 1898 dollar sized coin (heavily chopmarked) overstrucked to become a "China... 1990 gxseries
Emperor Sheng Tsu, Reign title K'and Hsi, 1662-1722, Shantung mint, secondary series 1713 echizento
2 FEN(二分), ROC Year 29. 中華民國二十九年二分銅幣。 1940 Mcektam
Southern Sung (1127-1279 AD), Emperor Gao Zong (1127-1162 AD), regular script 'Jian Yan Tong... 1127 HKMAL
Brass cast model (pattern) specimen for iron coin (H#22.774v), 'Xian Feng Tong Bao', rev. 'Bao... 1855 HKMAL
光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), 10 CENTS, Silver, Szechuan Province.... 1898 Mcektam
Yuen ShiKai Profile Coin. Silver. 39MM. 26.8 GM. Collar outline strike thru over reverse side. 1920 WWKT
Cash coin, Wan Li Tong Bao, 25mm, 0.5mm, Minted 1573-1619 of Ming Dynasty.... 1576 Mcektam
Da Chao Tong Bao 1217 HKMAL
China Kiangnan province 1905 10 cash. Difficult to find in UNC condition! 1905 gxseries
Tai Ping Tong Bao (太平通寶), North Sung Dynasty (960-1127), 23mm,1mm, Silver, Palace money,... 976 Mcektam