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Da Ding Tong Bao (大定通宝), Emperor Shi Zong(1178-1189) of Jin Dynasty. 1189 Mcektam
Chang Ping 5 Zhu. Northern Qi Dynasty. 24.5mm Diameter. weight 4.9g 533 fong
Extremley Rare Big size variety A Li Yong Tong Bao rev 1 Fen (10 cash),made by Wu San Gui,Qing... 1673 fong
China Hunan Province 1912ish 20 cash. Struck in yellow copper. Weight: 9.8g. 1912 gxseries
嘉靖通寶 (Jia Jing Tong Bao), 42mm, 2mm, Reverse: 十一兩 "Shi Yi Liang", Emperor Shi... 1544 Mcektam
China 1942 1 jiao. Struck under Federal Reserve Bank of China. Weight: 1.23g. Nice condition. 1942 gxseries
广东双毫, 10 CENTS, Silver, Kwangtung Province, Republic of China Year 3. 1914 Mcektam
Silver proof 10yuan (renminbi) in the style of the old 'cash' coinage. How do you tell the... 1998 LawrenceChard
Chinese Cash Coin 1800 Numismatistnick
5 Zhu. Chen Dynasty. 26mm Diameter. weight 3.2G 562 fong
China Hunan province 1912ish 20 cash. Weight: 10.5g. 1912 gxseries
Szechuan Province (四川省), Sikang Province(西康省):Brass 100 CASH, 28mm, ROC Year 19... 1930 Mcektam
China 1800s silver sycee ingot. Appearently it is from Guizhou province? Weight: 22.21g. 1800 gxseries
China, 5 yuan 1996. Tiger. 1996 Dok
Rare Tang Tong ban Liang variety C,Western Han has 24mm diameter,weight is 2.4g. -175 fong
10 Yuan - Year of the pig - 31.1 g Ag .999 Proof - mintage 60,000 2007 spica
Northern Song Seal script (篆書) Sheng Song Yuan Bao (聖宋元寶) (1101-1106 AD) Zhong Guan... 1101 HKMAL
Huo Quan (貨泉), 22mm, issued by Wang Mang in AD14, circulated for several years into the... 14 Mcektam
China Manchukuo 1944 1 jiao. Some planchet flaw otherwise nice condition. Weight: 0.5g. 1944 gxseries
China Canton Province Qing Dynasty GuangXu Ingot One Teal. QuangXu 31st Year, Silver 28 MM 1905 WWKT