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Xuan Tong Tong Bao (宣統通宝), 16mm, Guang Dong Mint, Qing Dynasty (1909-1912).... 1909 Mcektam
China, 10 yuan 1999. 50th Anniversary - People's Republic. 1999 Dok
10 Yuan Return of Hong Kong Bauhinia logo of the Special Administration Region HK Document... 1997 De-Orc
China 1921 20 cash. Struck in Shanxi province. Weight: 10.9g. 1921 gxseries
1 yuan Beijing Olympic Games 2008 table tennis brass 2008 bart
Perfect grade Bone shell coin.Shang and Zhou dynasty.20mm diameter,weight 2.2g. -221 fongthomas
CHINA (PEOPLES REPUBLIC)~10 Yuan 1999. Return of Macau-City gate w/ junk and ribbon marked... 1999 Zantetsuken
2005 China 10 Yuan Silver Panda 2005 Tiffibunny
China, 5 yuan 2002. Terra Cotta Army. 2002 Dok
China, 10 yuan 1997. Return of Hong Kong. 1997 Dok
Fake. Obverse: The Republic of China. Reverse: Manchurian Imperial Dragon 10 Cash. It's a fake... 1960 HKMAL
Empire Hsuan-tung(1909 - 1911), Manchurian Province minted, 20 Cents, 1910. 5.2000 g, 0.8900... 1910 HKMAL
Chih P'ing Yuan Pao. Northern Sung. 1064-1067. Orthodox Script. 1064 boraxbunny
rare mark Net line variety Ban liang,Han dynasty Dynasty,it has 24mm Diameter,weight 1.6G. -202 fong
Republic of China, 10 Cash, Copper 1937 echizento
Kuang Hsu Tong Bao (光緒通宝), CASH, copper, Kiang Soo Mint, Qing... 1875 Mcektam
Ant nose money / ghost face (440BC ~ 220BC), State of Chu in the Warring States period. 1.4g,... -440 HKMAL
Yi Ji Jin Qian (義記金錢), Reverse: Li, 4 squares, 36mm, 1mm, 10g., Gilt Charm minted by... 1858 Mcektam
China 1906 Henan province 10 cash. Low grade. Weight: 7.48g 1906 gxseries
China 1926 1 jiao. Pretty scarce coin unfortunately holed. Weight: 2.68g. 1926 gxseries