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1 Fen(壹分), Copper(銅幣), Chi Tung Bank(冀東銀行), The East Hebei Autonomous Council... 1937 Mcektam
China, 1 yuan 1989. 40th Anniversary - Peoples Republic. 1989 Dok
China Fujian 1890s 10 cash coin. Weakly struck on the reverse. 1890 gxseries
China Guangxi province 1927 20 cents. Old cleaning, bit of planchet flaw to start out with. Die... 1927 gxseries
Tai He "泰和", Charm, 27mm, Copper, Jin Dynasty(1115-1234). 辽金泰和花錢。 1157 Mcektam
China, 5 yuan 2002. The Great Wall. 2002 Dok
Chinese Cash Coin 1800 Numismatistnick
Western Zhou (1122-771 BC), mussel shell money, 2.9g, Mussel, 21.94/33.88mm. Note: This mussel... -1122 HKMAL
Ming Knife money (明刀幣), Obverse: Ming (明), Reverse: You (右), 14mm, 1.5mm, 16g., Black &... -400 Mcektam
FIVE CASH, CHEKIANG PROVINCE, Tai-Ching-Ti-Kuo Copper Coin. 淅江省・... 1906 Mcektam
Dao Kuang Tong Bao (道光通宝), CASH, copper, Board of Public Works Mint, Qing... 1821 Mcektam
Ming dynasty (1368-1644 AD), Zhu Yuan Zhang, Emperor Hong Wu (1368-1398 AD, in English means... 1368 HKMAL
Shun Zhi Tong Bao 1-wen, one dot tong, H# 22.11 1644 HKMAL
Northern Sung/Song (960-1127 AD), Emperor Sung Hui-Zhong (1101-1125 AD), Zheng-he era (1111-17... 1111 HKMAL
Tong Zheng Yuan Bao.Shu dynasty 23mm Diameter.weight 3.3g 916 fong
China 1908 Yunnan Province 3.6 mace. Weight: 13.26g. 1908 gxseries
High grade Jian Yan Tong Bao 1 cash coin variety F,Southern Song dynasty,it has 24.5mm... 1127 fong
have mark Line Lead Qin Ban liang A,Han dynasty Dynasty,it has 25mm Diameter,weight 2.5G. -202 fong
廣東貳毫, 20-Cents in Silver, Sun Yat-Sen, Kwangtung Province, China Republic Year 18 (1929),... 1929 Mcektam
China Guangdong province 1890-1908 7 mace 2 candareens. Very nice condition!!! Weight: 26.7g.... 1890 gxseries