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Northern Sung (960-1127 AD), Emperor T'ai Tsu (960 - 976 AD, First emperor of N. Sung Dynasty),... 960 HKMAL
Hsiang Fu Yuan Pao, Chen Tsung 997-1023 997 boraxbunny
永安一十 (Yong An Yi Shi), You Zhou Autonomous Region (900-914), 27mm, 2mm, Silver Gilded in... 900 Mcektam
1975 Chinese 20 Cents 1975 BigCanadianM
5 Wu Jiao 2001 MaurisCoins
Tian Lu Tong Bao "天祿通寶", 23mm, Silver(?), Minted by Emperor Yēlǜ Ruǎn Shih Zong, Era... 947 Mcektam
50-Cent Silver Coin, Yuan Shikai (袁世凱), Republic of China. 1914 Mcektam
1992 Munich International Coin Show 1oz Proof Silver Panda Medal. It depicts the panda on the... 1992 pandausa
乾封泉寶 (Qian Feng Quan Bao ), Reverse: 天府 (Tian Fu), 40mm, 4mm, 26g., Cast Iron,... 925 Mcektam
Northern Song 1004-1007 Obv:JING DE YUAN BAO AE/25mm 3.7 grams 1004 echizento
Qin Dynasty 221-207BC AE/24mm 3.0 grams -221 echizento
Fu Chang Yuan Bao (阜昌元寶), Jin Dynasty(1115-1234), 59mm, 4mm., 40.5g., Gold-gilded in... 1131 Mcektam
Hsien Feng Yuan Bao (咸丰元宝),100 CASH, 48mm, 4mm, 37g, Gold-gilded in copper, Honan Mint,... 1851 Mcektam
Qing Dynasty Kiangnan Province 1905 Bronze 10 Cash, common in this grade but tough to locate in... 1905 HKMAL
1994 Munich International Coin Show 1oz Proof Silver Panda Medal. The obverse depicts the Great... 1994 pandausa
唯吾知足 (WEI WU ZHE ZU), Reverse: "十五" (Shi Wu), Charm, 43mm, 3mm, 27g, Gilt, Qing... 1814 Mcektam
Dao Kuang Tong Bao (道光通寶), 22mm, Red copper, Kiang Su Mint, Emperor Hsuan... 1821 Mcektam
Dragon with long feelers / whiskers,engraved Giorgi name before one dollar, my be fake... 1911 Purnama
太平通寶 (Tai Ping Tong Bao), 40mm, 3mm, 25.8g., Gilt Charm, Northern Sung Dynasty... 976 Mcektam
Hunan AE 10 cash, Empire of China (self-proclaimed monarchy) 1916 HKMAL
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