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Western Zhou (1122-771 BC), mussel shell money, 2.9g, Mussel, 21.94/33.88mm. Note: This mussel... -1122 HKMAL
Xian Yong Tong Bao,Liao Dynasty,side of Northern Song Dynatsy of China,it has 23.8mm... 1065 fong
Hsien Feng Zhong Bao (咸丰重宝), 10 Cash, 38mm, 2mm, copper, Yunnan Mint, Qing... 1851 Mcektam
Cash coin, Wan Li Tong Bao, 25mm, 0.5mm, Minted 1573-1619 of Ming Dynasty.... 1576 Mcektam
Qian Long Tong Bao (乾隆通寶), Charm, 48mm, 4mm, 49g, Qian Long Emperor (1735-1798), Qing... 1740 Mcektam
1 yuan Beijing Olympic Games 2008 brass 2008 bart
Ming dynasty (1368-1644 AD), Emperor Chong Zhen, Temple name: Si-zong(1628-1644 AD), 'Chong Zhen... 1628 HKMAL
Qing Dynasty Kiangnan Province 1905 Bronze 10 Cash, common in this grade but tough to locate in... 1905 HKMAL
China, 5 yuan 1997. Crested Ibis. 1997 Dok
Northern Song 1039-1053 Obv:HUANG SONG TONG BAO AE/25mm 3.6 grams 1039 echizento
(Manchuria) 20 Cent with split planchet 1907 mawett
China 1909 20 cash. Struck in yellow copper. Weight: 11.0g. 1909 gxseries
Hui chang kai Yuan Tong bao rev Yi,made in Zheng Du,Tang dynasty,it has 23.5mm diameter,weight 3.8g. 845 fong
China Guangdong Province 1929 20 cents. Pretty much UNC. 1929 gxseries
1937 1 cent/fen 1937 ben_al
China Freedom dollar envelope, distributed by BCSSA. Contains one overstruck Imperial Chinese... 1990 gxseries
China, 5 yuan 1999. Butterfly. 1999 Dok
Zheng Long Yuan Bao (正隆元宝), Emperor Wan Yan Liang (1158-1161) of Jin Dynasty. 1161 Mcektam
Da Chao Tong Bao 1217 HKMAL
2pcs Northern of China nomadic people bronze money variety A,Zhou dynasty,it has 30mm and 44mm... -770 fong