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China, 5 yuan 2003. Chikan Tower on Treasure Island, Taiwan. 2003 Dok
China, 5 yuan 1999. Butterfly. 1999 Dok
China Manchurian Provinces 1909 1.44 mace. Nice details. Looks like there's an error with "a" in... 1909 gxseries
Emperor Sheng Tsu, Reign title K'and Hsi, 1662-1722, Shantung mint, secondary series 1713 echizento
太平天国 (Tai Ping Tian Guo), Reverse: 聖寶 (Sheng Bao), 35mm, 2mm, 20g., Gilt, Tai Ping... 1861 Mcektam
China, 1 yuan 1991. Party Meeting during Long March in 1935. House in Zunyi, Kweichow Province. 1991 Dok
cash coin of emperor Qianlong, 1735 - 1796. Grandson of emperor Kangxi. mintmark Boo-chuwan?... 1796 jurkovms
Northern Sung (960-1127 AD), Emperor Sung Qin-zong (1126-1127 AD), seal script 'Jing Kang Tong... 1126 HKMAL
光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), 10 CENTS, Silver, Szechuan Province.... 1898 Mcektam
2003 1oz BU Silver Panda Coin 2003 SKELETO2003
China Hunan Province 1912ish 20 cash. Struck in red copper, 1mm larger than the other coins I... 1912 gxseries
Tai Ping Tong Bao (太平通寶), North Sung Dynasty (960-1127), 23mm,1mm, Silver, Palace money,... 976 Mcektam
China Szechuan 1912 dollar coin. Nice chunk of silver. Ohter than the nick at the top of the... 1912 gxseries
China, 5 yuan 1998. Brown-eared Pheasant. 1998 Dok
China Freedom dollar envelope, distributed by BCSSA. Contains one overstruck Imperial Chinese... 1990 gxseries
10 CASH, copper, Republic of China. 中华民国十文铜币。 1922 Mcektam
China, 5 yuan 1998. Chinese Alligator. 1998 Dok
1 yuan Beijing Olympic Games 2008 brass 2008 bart
Wang Mang (7 - 23 AD) money spade/huo bu 貨布, weight 25 zhu. Equal to 25 Huo Quans. 14 HKMAL
2 FEN(二分), ROC Year 29. 中華民國二十九年二分銅幣。 1940 Mcektam