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Hsien Feng Zhong Bao (咸丰重宝), 10 Cash, Gold Gilded in copper, 37mm, 3mm, Board of Revenue,... 1851 Mcektam
China 1986 1 yuan, commemorating the year of peace. Pretty nice coin. Weight: 9.2g 1986 gxseries
1 yuan Beijing Olympic Games 2008 swimming brass 2008 bart
FIVE CASH, CHEKIANG PROVINCE, Tai-Ching-Ti-Kuo Copper Coin. 淅江省・... 1906 Mcektam
Hsien Feng Zhong Bao (咸丰重宝), 10 Cash, 30mm, copper, Board of Revenue, Qing... 1851 Mcektam
Yong An Wu Zhu "永安五銖", Reverse: Tu "土", 23mm, Copper, Minted in 532-534, Northern Wei... 532 Mcektam
Bo Ning Tong Bao (保寧通寶), 1 Cash, 23mm, Liao Dynasty (907-1115).... 969 Mcektam
China Kwangtung Province 1900-05 10 cash. Nice condition, probably old cleaning. Weight: 7.7g 1900 gxseries
Hsien Feng Zhong Bao (咸丰重宝), 10 Cash, 33mm, copper, Board of Public Works Mint, Qing... 1851 Mcektam
Peoples Republic of China 1 yuan Planting Trees Festival Monument on Globe, Flying Birds... 1991 bart
10 CASH in copper, The First Year of Hung Hsien, Hunan, ROC.... 1915 Mcektam
China Szechuan 1912 50 cash. Low grade. Struck in yellow copper. Weight: 17.5g. 1912 gxseries
China, 10 yuan 1997. Return of Hong Kong. 1997 Dok
Xian Feng Tong Bao (咸豐通寶), Cast iron, Peking Mint, Emperor Wen Zong (1851-1861) of Qing... 1854 Mcektam
China 1908 Republic era coin, 7.2 candereens. Low grade and scratched but is getting harder to... 1908 gxseries
2005 China 10 Yuan Silver Panda 2005 Tiffibunny
China, 5 yuan 2002. Terra Cotta Army. 2002 Dok
10 Yuan Return of Hong Kong Bauhinia logo of the Special Administration Region HK Document... 1997 De-Orc
1 yuan Beijing Olympic Games 2008 table tennis brass 2008 bart
China 1921 20 cash. Struck in Shanxi province. Weight: 10.9g. 1921 gxseries