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Wu Shu. Sui Dynasty. 118-350. 118 boraxbunny
China Manchukuo 1939 1 jiao. Nice UNC condition but has one ugly scratch on the obverse. Weight:... 1939 gxseries
China, 1 yuan 1994. Children's Year. 1994 Dok
China, 10 yuan 1999. Return of Macau. 1999 Dok
1937 1 cent/fen 1937 ben_al
20-Cent Silver Coin, 1st Year of Hsuan Tung, Manchurian Provinces. 1909 Mcektam
China, 1 yuan 1995. 4th UN Women's Conference. 1995 Dok
White copper Kai Yuan Tong Bao,Tang Dyansty. 24.5mm Diameter, weight 3.9G. 619 fong
Xuan He Tong Bao 2 cash seal writting,Northern Song dynasty,29.5mm Diameter,weight 6g. 1119 fong
China Guangdong Province 1920 20 cents. Pretty much UNC. 1920 gxseries
Qing dynasty Guang Xu Tong Bao milled cash, rev. Boo Zhe/ Zhejiang (Chekiang). The bottom "knee"... 1887 HKMAL
China 1906 Henan province 10 cash. Low grade. Weight: 7.48g 1906 gxseries
20 cents. Kwan-Tung province. 1891-1921. Ag. 1921 podzemnik
2006 1 Yuan 2006 ben_al
cash coin of Hsuan Tsung from the board of revenue mint 1821 ScottO
High grade Ping Yang spade coin,Yan Guo of Zhou Dynasty. -221 fongthomas
HELP! I have NO idea what this is. I think its Chinese, but i don't even know the year. Can... 1980 nonamateur
Republic of China, 10 Cash, Copper 1937 echizento
China Guangdong Province 1922 20 cents. Pretty much UNC. In holder therefore unable to take good... 1922 gxseries
China 1921 20 ccash. Struck in Shanxi province. Slightly offstruck. Weight: 11.3g. 1921 gxseries