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Chinese Turkestan; Qian Long Tong Bao, 1 Wen, copper, 24 mm; Wushi Mint, Qian Long(1735-1796) .... 1774 Mcektam
Ordos Late Bronze Age (1600-1200 BC), deer face money. This deer face money was excavated in... -1600 HKMAL
"半兩" (BAN LIANG), 48mm, 19g., Bronze, Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC).... -221 Mcektam
Hsien Feng Yuan Bao (咸丰元宝),100 CASH, 48mm, 4mm, 37g, Gold-gilded in copper, Honan Mint,... 1851 Mcektam
Ming Dynasty, Emperor Tai Zu, 'Hong Wu Tong Bao' 洪武通寶 10 Cash, rev. Shi Guang right and... 1368 HKMAL
China Kiangnan province 1898 1.44 mace. Weight: 4.9g. Worn. 1898 gxseries
FIVE CASH, copper, HU-POO, Kuang Hsu Yuan Bao.... 1903 Mcektam
Chekiang 1903-1906 10 Casb 1903 ben_al
Biscuit/cake coin of Wang Mang (7 - 23 AD) Huo Quan (貨泉), 11g, 26.9mm, bronze. 14 HKMAL
周元通寶 (Zhou Yuan Tong Bao), Reverse:Picture of "Buddha Lohan Tames the Tiger", Gilt Charm,... 955 Mcektam
光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), 5 Cents, Silver, Kwangtung Province.... 1890 Mcektam
Yuan You Tong Bao, 24mm, Northern Song Dynasty. 1086 Mcektam
1991 Munich International Coin Show 1oz Proof Silver Panda Medal. It has the obverse depicting... 1991 pandausa
The North and South Dynasty/南北朝 (420-481 AD), Southern Dynasties (Song)/ 南朝(宋),... 454 HKMAL
光绪元宝 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), 10 CENTS, Silver, Kwangtung Province.... 1890 Mcektam
Shih Tsu cash, lovely looking coin, common mint though (restrike?) need more info 1644 ScottO
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Emperor Wen Zong (1851-61), 'Xian Feng Zong Bao', rev. 'Boo i' left and... 1855 HKMAL
10 CASHES, FOO-KIEN Province, Kuang Hsu Yuan Bao.... 1901 Mcektam
Hsien Feng Tong Bao (咸丰通宝), CASH, copper, Yunnan Mint, Qing Dynasty(1851-1861).... 1851 Mcektam
Kai Yuan Tong Bao, 開元通寶, Reverse:"Moon", 25mm, Copper, Emperor Wu Zong (841-846), Tang... 845 Mcektam
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