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廣東貳毫, 20-Cents in Silver, Sun Yat-Sen, Kwangtung Province, China Republic Year 18 (1929),... 1929 Mcektam
Qing Dynasty Yunnan 50 Cents, 9 flames on pearl. 1909 HKMAL
1 Fen(壹分), Copper(銅幣), Chi Tung Bank(冀東銀行), The East Hebei Autonomous Council... 1937 Mcektam
China, 1 yuan 1995. 50th Anniversary - United Nations. 1995 Dok
Hupeh Province 10 cash 1901 Mark_Stilson
China Guangdong province 1890-1908 7 mace 2 candareens. Very nice condition!!! Weight: 26.7g.... 1890 gxseries
10 Cash, Kuang Hsu Tong Bao(光緒通寶), Chinese Turkestan, copper, 1885-1906. Reverse: Manchu... 1885 Mcektam
China 1907 20 cash. Struck in yellow copper. Weight: 11.4g. 1907 gxseries
Western Zhou (1122-771 BC), mussel shell money, 2.9g, Mussel, 21.94/33.88mm. Note: This mussel... -1122 HKMAL
China, 10 yuan 1997. Return of Hong Kong. 1997 Dok
China, 10 yuan 1999. 50th Anniversary - People's Republic. 1999 Dok
1 yuan Beijing Olympic Games 2008 swimming brass 2008 bart
AUNC 1964 2 fen, gorgeous coin 1964 ScottO
China Guangdong Province 1919 20 cents. Pretty much UNC. Weak strike. 1919 gxseries
Qian Long Tong Bao (乾隆通寶), CASH, copper, Board of Public Works Mint, Qing... 1735 Mcektam
China Beiyang arsenal 1898 1 jiao. Tough coin to come by. Weight: 2.7g. 1898 gxseries
Peoples Republic of China 1 yuan Planting Trees Festival Monument on Globe, Flying Birds... 1991 bart
Hsien Feng Zhong Bao (咸丰重宝), 10 Cash, Gold Gilded in copper, 37mm, 3mm, Board of Revenue,... 1851 Mcektam
Yong An Wu Zhu "永安五銖", Reverse: Tu "土", 23mm, Copper, Minted in 532-534, Northern Wei... 532 Mcektam
2005 China 10 Yuan Silver Panda 2005 Tiffibunny