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PIXTILOS coin of Gaul. The bird appears to be eating an unknown berry (perhaps olives?). -35 bill
Pixtilos, Class VI, Griffon. -35 bill
Pixtilos, Class VII. Mounted rider with branch. -35 bill
Pixtilos, Class I Griffen attacking a reclining human. -35 bill
80-20 BC Montlaures Southern France Cross dividing coin into four quarters Head? Monnaies a... -20 De-Orc
As de Nimes. Augustus and Agrippa obverse 'IMP DIVI F with PP'. Reverse: Crocodile and palm tree... -20 Ian
Quadrans of Augustus, minted in Lugdunum, ca. 15 to 10 B.C. -10 bill
unknown coin/jetton from louis 14th? 0 ScottO
Not sure what year. I think it a french medal of some sort 0 Jim
Unidentified Gaulish Horse Found near Dover 1.38g 0 De-Orc
SNAKE IN THE GRASS (BE CAREFUL) and REARING HORSE (BELOVED FREEDOM). Brass 5.22gms, 2.85mm thick,... 0 Bill Snyder
H. Dropsy medal for French gas and electric co. Circa 1950; still researching. 0 ikaros
Medal issued for the recapitalisation of `La Sequanaise' a french assurance company. I'm unsure... 0 Ian
4 SOl double-strike 0 mawett
Belgium 1 Franc 1989 Belgique Belgie Francs 0 aklesh
ND France Chamber of commerce de Fecamp jeton; silver, octagonal, plain edge; extra fine, nice... 0 sandy3075
silver jeton de presence struck for L'Etoile', a french assurer operating in the agricultural... 0 Ian
high grade silver jeton issued for Les Deux -Mondes, a french maritime assurer based in le Havre 0 Ian
Clodius Albinus, denarius, Lugdunum mint. Aequitas reverse. 196 bill
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