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Malaya and British Borneo Queen Elizabeth II 50 cents 1956 Jayson
Straits Settlements 50C 1903 HKMAL
Malaya 10 Cents 1950 KM#8 1950 nervillej
Straits Settlements 20 cents Edward VII king and emperor 0.600 silver 1910 bart
Malaya-Malacca ('Fighting Cock) ½ Keping AH1247 (1831-32) 1247 Akdeveli
British crown colony, Straits Settlements, Queen Victoria, 20¢, 1880. Heaton mint. Silver. KM#... 1880 HKMAL
British North Borneo, British Protectorate, 1 Cent, 1935H. Copper-Nickel. Mintage: 1,000,000... 1935 HKMAL
Earlier Malay Tin Animal Money c. 18th century. I don't know what is it... 1700 HKMAL
Straits Settlements $ PCGS-MS63. 1920 HKMAL
Straits Settlements Kg George V, 10cts Silver. Mintage: 7,500,074 BU 1918 sidtoh
British Straits Settlements George V 10 Cents, 1918. Toned AU+. Scratch on reverse, otherwise... 1918 HKMAL
Straits Settlements Attached are the marks for a 1903 Raised "B". 1) "B" is raised and not... 1903 sidtoh
1/2 cent. East India Company. Victoria (1837-1901) Queen. Mintage 34,327,000 units. Cu. 1845 podzemnik
50¢ 1921 HKMAL
Straits Settlements Q Victoria 20cts Silver Mintage:185,000 XF+ 1897 sidtoh
KM-12, 1896 Straits Settlements 20 cents; silver, reeded edge; good very fine and uncleaned. 1896 sandy3075
British Straits Settlements Queen Victoria 50 Cents, scarcer 1897 with low mintage 36,000 pieces.... 1897 HKMAL
Malaya and British Borneo Queen Elizabeth II 10 cents 1961 Jayson
Malaya and British Borneo Queen Elizabeth II 20 cents 1957 Jayson