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Malaya and British Borneo Queen Elizabeth II 50 cents 1956 Jayson
Malaya 10 Cents 1950 KM#8 1950 nervillej
Straits Settlements 20 cents Edward VII king and emperor 0.600 silver 1910 bart
British North Borneo, British Protectorate, 1 Cent, 1935H. Copper-Nickel. Mintage: 1,000,000... 1935 HKMAL
Earlier Malay Tin Animal Money c. 18th century. I don't know what is it... 1700 HKMAL
Straits Settlements 50C 1903 HKMAL
Malaya-Malacca ('Fighting Cock) ½ Keping AH1247 (1831-32) 1247 Akdeveli
British crown colony, Straits Settlements, Queen Victoria, 20¢, 1880. Heaton mint. Silver. KM#... 1880 HKMAL
1/2 cent. East India Company. Victoria (1837-1901) Queen. Mintage 34,327,000 units. Cu. 1845 podzemnik
50¢ 1921 HKMAL
British Straits Settlements George V 10 Cents, 1918. Toned AU+. Scratch on reverse, otherwise... 1918 HKMAL
British Straits Settlements Queen Victoria 50 Cents, scarcer 1897 with low mintage 36,000 pieces.... 1897 HKMAL
Straits Settlements Attached are the marks for a 1903 Raised "B". 1) "B" is raised and not... 1903 sidtoh
Straits Settlements Q Victoria 20cts Silver Mintage:185,000 XF+ 1897 sidtoh
Straits Settlements Kg George V, 10cts Silver. Mintage: 7,500,074 BU 1918 sidtoh
KM-12, 1896 Straits Settlements 20 cents; silver, reeded edge; good very fine and uncleaned. 1896 sandy3075
Straits Settlements $ PCGS-MS63. 1920 HKMAL
contemporary silver plated 1/2 cent, probably cheats as 20 cents 1845 HKMAL
Malaya and British Borneo Queen Elizabeth II 10 cents 1961 Jayson