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Bronze potin of the Remi. -50 Belgium
50-40 BC Nipple Potin Cantii Found Braughin Hearts UK 1.31g VA 139.01 CCI98.1029 -50 United Kingdom
Bronze As of Ursone, Spain. -50 Spain
silver unit of the Corieltauvi, a celtic tribe inhabiting the Lincolshire region of England pre... -50 United Kingdom
Silver denarius. Head of Celtic female, Gallia, on the obverse. Artemis and stag on the reverse.... -48 Italy
Denarius of C. Vibius C.f.C.n. Pansa, Rome. Mask of Pan on the obverse, Jupiter seated on the... -48 Roman Empire
Silver quinarius of the Roman republic depicting M Porcius Cato, a senator during the latter... -47 Italy
Obv: Venus, banker's mark before chin. Rev: Aeneas carrying palladium in right hand and Anchises... -46 Roman Empire
46Bc Roman Republican denarius of Mn Cordius Rufus Rome Crested Corinthian helmet, owl on... -46 Roman Empire
Petillus Capitolinus denarius, Roman Republic. Obv: Eagle on thunderbolt. Above PETILLIVS AND... -43 Italy
Augustus, Struck to commerate the battle against Mark Anthony, minted at Philippi Macedonia... -42 Roman Empire
Bronze coin of the Pictones with Contovtos legend. -40 France
37-41Ad Caligula Struck 39Ad AE quadrans C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG, S-C flanking small... -37 Roman Empire
Bronze coin of the Carnutes region. PIXTILOS Class VIII with Eagle and Temple reverse. -35 France
Pixtilos Class V. Bearded male obverse. Seated figure left and geometric patterns reverse. -35 France
Pixtilos Class II. Wolf and Lizard. -35 France
Obv: Female head facing left, a loop of hair on the nape of the neck, captions in front of the... -35 France
Obv: Bust of Minerva (?) left, with Celtic neck torc, PIXTILOS. Rev: Lion left, geometic designs... -35 France
Bronze coin of Pixtilos, Scheers Class X -35 France
PIXTILOS coin of Gaul. The bird appears to be eating an unknown berry (perhaps olives?). -35 France
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