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Bar Kochba, small bronze. Year 1 132 Israel
Judea, Hasmonean Kingdom, Prutah John Hyrcanus I 135 Israel
Elymais Phraates c AD 150? AE Drachm 2.63g, 15mm - SGI 5902 Bust left-anchor-crescent &... 150 Iran
Reverse side: long sword, made of copper, the color is gold-like but it's not gold. for further... 154 Saudi Arabia
161-150bc Seleucid kingdom, Demetrius I Soter. serrated. Artemis. bow and quiver. 161 Syria
Elymais Kamnaskires-Orodes III c AD 180? AE Drachm 2.93g 16x14mm Facing... 180 Iran
Elymais Orodes IV c AD 190? AE Drachm 2.93g 14mm Facing bust of king Bust of Queen Ulfan or... 190 Iran
Elymais Orodes IV c AD 190? AE Drachm 2.44g 14mm Facing bust of king Bust of Queen Ulfan or... 190 Iran
Elagabalus (212-218 ad) billon tetradrachm minted at Antioch, in modern day Syria. One of the... 212 Syria
Roman Emperor `Elagabalus' billon tetradrachm minted 219 AD. 219 Syria
Scarcer billon tetradrachm of Herennius Etruscus as Caesar, son of Trajan Decius. Minted at... 251 Syria
261- 246Bc Seleucid kingdom of Antiochus II Theos. Bust of Antiochus. Apollo on omphalos holding... 261 Syria
SASANID, pre-Islamic Iranian (Persian) empire, Peroz (Firuz I), (457-483 AD), silver drachm.... 472 Iran
Rare Cross coin. 500 Lebanon
500 Lebanon
Very Rare Coin , special and you can't find easily one as this . 500 Lebanon
About 1500 years ago Bizantian coin from the Holyland. 500 Israel
1 Dracma del Emperador Cosroes II del Imperio Sasanida 590-628 A.D; Anverso: Busto del Emperador;... 590 Iran
AR drachm, Sassanid Empire. Khusru II AD 591-632. gVF 591 Unknown
Sassanian Silver coin of Khosrau II (Xurso II). Year 6. head of king. Rev. Fire Altar. mint... 600 Iran
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