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Pixtilos, Class VI, Griffon. -35 France
Pixtilos, Class VII. Mounted rider with branch. -35 France
Pixtilos, Class I Griffen attacking a reclining human. -35 France
32-31Bc Mark Antony Legionary Denarius ANT AVG III VIR RPC Praetorian galley right LEG XV... -32 Roman Empire
Legionary silver denarius of Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius), naming the 11th (XI) legion issued... -31 Roman Empire
Trinovantes. Addedomaros. Bronze Unit Degraded Head rt. Horse, three pellets above] 13mm (coin... -30 United Kingdom
silver unit of the Atrebates tribe in England under King Tincomarus (Tincommius). Obverse... -25 United Kingdom
Augustus silver quinarius minted at Emerita (Spain). Obverse Augustus. Reverse victory crowning... -25 Italy
Augustus denarius -20 Italy
80-20 BC Montlaures Southern France Cross dividing coin into four quarters Head? Monnaies a... -20 France
20 BC Primary Ruler, Cunobelin Secondary ruler, Tasciovanus Trinovantes Unit Mans head... -20 United Kingdom
20 BC Primary Ruler, Cunobelin Secondary ruler, Tasciovanus Trinovantes Unit warrior on... -20 United Kingdom
20 BC Trinovantes Ruler, Tasciovanus Horse Celtic swirls 0.62g VA 1812.01 type -20 United Kingdom
As de Nimes. Augustus and Agrippa obverse 'IMP DIVI F with PP'. Reverse: Crocodile and palm tree... -20 France
Augustus, Roman Provinical. Thracian King Rometalkles I & Queen Pythodoris jugate with Augustus... -11 Roman Empire
Celtic Iceni 11mm ECEN symbol opposing crescents Horse with two rows of pellets. Partial Unit -10 United Kingdom
Quadrans of Augustus, minted in Lugdunum, ca. 15 to 10 B.C. -10 France
Quadrans of Augustus, Lugdunum mint. 15 B.C, - 10 B.C. Obv: Bust of Augustus facing right, IMP... -10 Roman Empire
Celtiberian bronze of Castulo. From the period of Augustus ca. 27 B.C. to 14 A.D. Male head with... -10 Spain
3 BC Danube Basin Philip III Imitation Drachm Head of Herakles facing right in lionskin... -3 Austria
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