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KM-224, AH1308 (1891) Tunisia franc, Paris mint; silver, reeded edge; Ali Bey III, reform... 1308 Tunisia
KM-13, 1971 Gambia dalasi; copper-nickel, reeded edge; slender snouted crocodile, choice... 1971 Gambia
KM-553.1, AH1404 (1984) Egypt piastre; aluminum-bronze, plain edge; pyramids, Christian date on... 1404 Egypt
KM-8, 1936 British West Africa 1/2 penny, Royal Mint (no mint mark); copper nickel, holed flan,... 1936 British West Africa
KM-33, 1952 South Africa (Dominion) half penny; bronze, plain edge; George VI last type and year... 1952 South Africa
KM-9, 1920 British West Africa penny, Kings Norton (KN mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge,... 1920 British West Africa
KM-9, 1929 British West Africa penny; copper nickel, hold flan, plain edge; George V, one of the... 1929 British West Africa
KM-6, 1958 Ghana 2 shillings; copper-nickel, reeded edge; first post-colonial issue, transitional... 1958 Ghana
KM-2, 1958 Ghana penny; bronze, plain edge; first post-colonial issue, transitional pound system,... 1958 Ghana
KM-1, 1961 Rwanda Burundi franc, Brussels mint; brass, reeded edge; short-lived post colonial... 1961 Rwanda
KM-17.2, 1927 South Africa (Dominion) shilling; silver, reeded edge; George V second type,... 1927 South Africa
KM-141, 1990 South Africa rand; nickel, reeded edge; President Botha commemorative, larger size... 1990 South Africa
South Africa 1965 1 Cent. Very scarce in ANY grade! 1965 South Africa
East Africa 10 cents. 1950 1950 East Africa
Swaziland 20 cents. 1979 1979 Swaziland
KM-4, 1897 German East Africa 1/2 rupie; silver, reeded edge; Wilhelm II, early type, scarce with... 1897 East Africa
KM-17, 1964 Sierra Leone cent; bronze, plain edge; Milton margai on this independence issue,... 1964 Sierra Leone
KM-40.1, 1950 South Africa (Dominion) 5 shillings; silver, reeded edge; George VI, last of the... 1950 South Africa
Tunisia 50 centimes. 1933, Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) 1933 Tunisia
Kenya 1 shilling. 1971 (II) 1971 Kenya