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KM-86, 1990 South Africa 20 cents; nickel, plain edge; circulation business strike, last year of... 1990 South Africa
Botswana 5 thebe. 1998, Copper plated steel. 1998 Botswana
KM-27a, 1952 British West Africa half penny, Heaton mint (H mintmark); bronze, holed flan, plain... 1952 British West Africa
South Africa 1 rand. 2009 2009 South Africa
East Africa 1920 H 25 Cents. A pretty tough coin to find! 1920 East Africa
KM-2, 1887 Congo Free State (Belgian Congo) 2 centimes; copper, reeded edge; Leopold II, nice... 1887 Congo
KM-35, 1956 East Africa cent, Heaton mint (H mint mark); bronze, plain edge; Elizabeth II, red... 1956 East Africa
KM-21, 1979 Lesotho 50 lisente; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Moshoeshoe II, one of the common... 1979 Lesotho
Madagascar 1 franc. 1958 (II) 1958 Madagascar
South African Republic 1898 3 Pence. Sammy Marks Tickey. Jeweller's copy. Crude... 1898 South Africa
KM-87, 1987 South Africa 50 cents; nickel, plain edge; circulation business strike, average... 1987 South Africa
KM-13, 1951 St. Thomas and Principe (Portuguese colony) 5 escudo; silver, reeded edge; NGC graded... 1951 Sao Tome & Principe
South Africa 2021 Silver Krugerrand. My first coin dated 2021! 2021 South Africa
KM-33, EE1936 (1943-44) Ethiopia 5 cents; copper, plain edge; Haile Selassie I, struck with... 1936 Ethiopia
Egypt-Solar Energy Farms in Aswan - 50 Piastres AH1440-2019 2019 Egypt
KM-9, 1959 French Somaliland 2 francs; aluminum, plain edge; common 2-year issue, bright... 1959 Djibouti
KM-62, 1962 South Africa (Republic) 50 cents; proof, silver, reeded edge; 2'nd year of... 1962 South Africa
KM-68, 1951 Portuguese Mozambique (Colony) 2.5 escudo; silver, reeded edge; last year of the... 1951 Mozambique
10 piastres Commemorative coins: Cairo International Agricultural Fair 1970 Egypt
Egypt 1 pound. 2021, Police Day - 69 Years. 2021 Egypt