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KM-70.1, 1966 South Africa (Republic) 50 cents; proof, nickel, plain edge; English legend, Van... 1966 South Africa
KM-71.1, 1965 South Africa (Republic) rand; proof, silver, reeded edge; early Republican... 1965 South Africa
2 piasters 1984 Egypt
5 Egyptian Piasters (International Year of the Child) 1979 Egypt
KM-12a, 1926 British West Africa shilling, Royal Mint (no mint mark); tin-brass, reeded edge;... 1926 British West Africa
KM-69.2, 1969 South Africa (Republic) 20 cents; proof, nickel, plain edge; SUID AFRIKA legend,... 1969 South Africa
KM-3, 1887 Congo Free State (Belgian Congo) 5 centimes; copper, reeded edge; Leopold II, light... 1887 Congo
2 milliemes 1962 Egypt
KM-12, 1991 Nigeria 10 kobo; copper-plated steel, 12-sided flan, plain edge; oil palms on... 1991 Nigeria
KM-2, 1929 St. Thomas and Principe (Portuguese colony) 10 centavos; nickel-bronze, reeded edge;... 1929 Sao Tome & Principe
Mozambique 2,50 escudos. 1965, Portugal administration. 1965 Mozambique
10 piastres Commemorative coins: 25th Anniversary of Abbasia Mint 1979 Egypt
Y#20.1, AH1321(1903) Morocco 1/4 rial, 2.5 dirhams, Berlin mint (diaminds on obverse); silver,... 1321 Morocco
Medal commemorating Papal Visit to Nigeria, Benin, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. 1982 Exonumia Africa
KM-32, AH1387(1967) Sudan 10 milliemes; bronze, scalloped flan, plain edge; standard circulation... 1967 Sudan
KM-81, 1971 South Africa 1/2 cent; bronze, reeded edge; one of the 8,000 (Krause) or 20,000... 1971 South Africa
10 piastres Commemorative coins : Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty 1980 Egypt
10 piastres Commemorative coins: Doctor's Day 1980 Egypt
5 milliemes Commemorative coins:Corrective Revolution 1979 Egypt
KM-12a, 1936 British West Africa shilling, Kings Norton mint (KN mint mark); tin-brass, reeded... 1936 British West Africa