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Chile 100 pesos. 1994 1994 Chile
KM-177, 1946 Chile 20 centavos; copper, plain edge; common issue, toned good extra fine or better. 1946 Chile
KM-461, 1851 Brazil (Empire) 2000 reis; silver, reeded edge; Pedro II, nice details - good extra... 1851 Brazil
KM-55 (Prev. KM-30), 1958 Argentina 20 centavos; nickel clad steel, plain edge; common but nice... 1958 Argentina
Chile 1 centavo. 1975 (II) 1975 Chile
KM-118.2, 1858/7 Bolivia 1/2 sol, Potosi mint (PTS in monogram); silver, reeded edge; decent... 1858 Bolivia
Falkland Islands 50 pence. 2018, Rockhopper Penguin 2018 Falkland Islands
KM-32, 1890 Argentina centavo; bronze, plain edge; common yer, very fine or so. 1890 Argentina
Y#35, 1954 Venezuela 25 centimos, Philadelphia (US) mint; silver, reeded edge; one year type,... 1954 Venezuela
Peru 20 centavos token to raise funds to build a monument to admiral Grau in Lima. 1935 Exonumia South America
Brazil 25 centavos. 1998 1998 Brazil
KM-33, 1890 Argentina 2 centavos; bronze, plain edge; average circulated grade. 1889 Argentina
KM-227, 1960 Peru un (1) centavo; zinc, plain edge; previous owner thought this one was an... 1960 Peru
KM-275a, 1958 Colombia centavo; nickel clad steel, plain edge; average uncirculated, a bit dirty. 1958 Colombia
Colombia 10 centavos. 1973 1973 Colombia
British Antarctic Territory 50p Emperor Penguin 2019 S Georgia & Sandwich Isl.
£2 Centenary of the Founding of Grytviken 2004 S Georgia & Sandwich Isl.
KM-205, 1781 Brazil 160 reis, Lisbon mint; silver, corded edge; Maria I and Pedro III, early... 1781 Brazil
KM-516.1, 1919 Brazil 20 reis; copper-nickel, plain edge; average uncirculated and toned. 1919 Brazil
KM-152.3, 1910 Chile peso; silver, reeded edge; one year type and scarce, very fine, lightly... 1910 Chile