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Congo Free State Leopold II 5 Centimes, 1888/7 overdated. NGC-MS64RB. 1888 Congo
KM-2, 1888 Congo Free State (Belgian Congo) 2 centimes; copper, reeded edge; Leopold II, 2-year... 1888 Congo
KM-3, 1888/7 Congo Free State (Belgian Congo) 5 centimes; copper, reeded edge; Leopold II, light... 1888 Congo
IBEAfrica 1 Pice AH1306(1888)H 1888 East Africa
Mombasa A.H. 1306 (1888) H 1 Pice. The obverse design is derived from that of the Zanzibari 1... 1888 Kenya
1¢ pattern 1888 Liberia
KM-1, 1888 Congo Free State (belgiam Congo) centime; copper, reeded edge; uncirculated or so, brown 1888 Congo
*IMPERIAL BRITISH EAST AFRICA* __________________ Mombasa 1 Pice__km# 1 1888 Kenya
Mombasa coin Imperial British eastafrica 1888 Kenya
IBEAfrica 1 Pice AH1306(1888)CM 1888 East Africa
KM-5, 1888 Mombasa rupee, Heaton mint (H mint mark); silver, reeded edge; good extra fine, but... 1888 East Africa
KM-1.3, 1888 Mombasa pice, Heaton mint (H mint mark); bronze, plain edge; medium letters variety,... 1888 East Africa
Mombasa AH1306 (1888) C/M 1 Pice. The only type struck at the Calcutta Mint with a mintmark.... 1888 Kenya
Mombasa 1888 H 1 Rupee. 1888 Kenya
KM-2, 1888 Congo Free State (Belgian Congo) 2 centimes; copper, reeded edge; NGC graded MS 63 BN. 1888 Congo
Congo Free State 10 Centimes 1888 (diameter: 35mm) Rare coin 1888 Congo
10 Centimes 1888 Congo Free State 1888 Congo
1889 Ethiopia
Ethiopia 1 birr, AR, bust of King Menelik II obverse, Lion of Judah reverse. Dated 1889 EE... 1889 Ethiopia
Ethiopia, 1/100 birr, AE, bust of King Menelik II, dated from Coptic calendar (about 1896 AD). 1889 Ethiopia