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KM-PN18, 1889 Liberia pattern cent, Philadelphia mint (P mintmark); copper, plain edge; NGC... 1889 Liberia
Egypt 5/10 Quirsh Year 1293 1890 Egypt
Imperial British East Africa Company silver 2 annas minted at Heaton mint in Birmingham, England... 1890 East Africa
1 pise. DEUTSCH OST AFRIKA. Wilhelm II (1888-1918). Mintage 1,000,000 units. Br. 1890 Tanzania
Italian Colony of Eritrea. 2 Lira. Minted in Rome. 1890 Eritrea
Mombasa 1890 H 2 Annas. A very scarce coin! 1890 Kenya
German East Africa 1 pysa Deutsch Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft (= German East African Company) 1890 East Africa
ERITREA (COLONIAL)~2 Lire 1890. Under King: Umberto I of Italy. *SCARCE* 1890 Eritrea
GERMAN EAST AFRICA~1 Pesa 1307 AH/ 1890 AD. 1890 East Africa
GRAND COMORE SULTANATE (NJAZIDJA)~5 Centime 1308 AH/1890 AD. Under French autonomy. 1890 Comoros
KM-2, 1890 Mombasa 2 annas, Heaton Mint (H mintmark); silver, reeded edge; nice brilliant... 1890 East Africa
1 Pesa German East Africa, Copper 1890 Tanzania
Deutsch Ost Afrika 1 Besa 1890 (German East Africa Company) 1890 Tanzania
2¢ pattern 1890 Liberia
pattern ¢ 1890 Liberia
PESA, German East Africa 1890 East Africa
KM-1, 1890 German East Africa pice; copper, plain edge; very fine, interestingly colored. 1890 East Africa
KM-7, 1890 Mauritius cent, Heaton mint (H mintmark); bronze, plain edge; dark brown uncirculated... 1890 Mauritius
KM-8, 1890 Mauritius 2 cents, Heaton mint (H mintmark); bronze, plain edge; dark brown... 1890 Mauritius
KM-PN1, 1890 Liberia cent, Philadelphia mint; bronze, plain edge; PCGS certified as KM-Pn47 and... 1890 Liberia