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KM-776, Great Britain 1896 maundy 2 pence; proof like nicely toned. 1896 United Kingdom
KM-796, Great Britain maundy 2 pence in proof like toned condition. 1908 United Kingdom
KM-798, Great Britain maundy 4 pence (groat) in well toned proof like condition; nice one. 1908 United Kingdom
KM-880, 1951 Great Britain crown; copper-nickel, incuse lettered edge; Festival of Britain... 1951 United Kingdom
Details of the below KM-880 GB51C. Left is a strike through area under King's ear; the form and... 1951 United Kingdom
KM-852, 1940 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; George VI World War II issue, common... 1940 United Kingdom
KM-780, 1897 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; good exta fine to borderline... 1897 United Kingdom
KM-880, Great Britain 1951 5 shillings (crown) in proof; not a perfect one but nice starter. 1951 United Kingdom
KM-879, Great Britain 1951 half crown in proof; from proof set; toning clearly shown 1951 United Kingdom
KM-878, Great Britain 1951 two shillings (florin) in proof; not a perfect one as taken from... 1951 United Kingdom
KM-877, 1951 Great Britain shilling in proof; Scottish crest, nice 1951 United Kingdom
KM-876, Great Britain 1951 shilling in proof; English crest, nice 1951 United Kingdom
KM-875, Great britain 1951 6 pence in proof; interesting toning 1951 United Kingdom
KM-873, Great Britain 1951 3 pence in proof; toned obverse and very nice reflective reverse 1951 United Kingdom
KM-869, Great Britain 1951 penny in proof; partially toned obverse and beutiful mirror like... 1951 United Kingdom
KM-868, Great Britain 1951 half penny in proof; toned obverseand mirror like brlemishless reverse 1951 United Kingdom
KM-867, Great Britain 1951 farthing in proof, toned obverse and nice reverse 1951 United Kingdom
KM-855, Great Britain 1937 2 shillings (florin) in proof; nice coin 1937 United Kingdom
KM-853, 1937 Great Britain shilling; proof, silver, reeded edge; George VI, English crest, choice... 1937 United Kingdom
KM-854, Great Britain 1937 shilling in proof; Scottish crest 1937 United Kingdom