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Switzerland 1 Rappen 1908B 1908 Akdeveli
Switzerland 1 Rappen 1905B 1905 Akdeveli
Switzerland 1826 1 batz overstruck over an older type of coin. Cleaned and scratched. Weight:... 1826 gxseries
1726 5 deniers, looks better in hand then picture 1726 ScottO
10 franc cenfederatio helvetica 1964 budi
10 Rappen(1881) 1881 gradenko
1865 Swiss Zurich Bogen Schutzen Durchmesser Medal by Jakob Friedrich Aberli. White Metal 54MM 1865 WWKT
1930 Swiss Lorraine Brigde in Bern Naked Women Medal. Bronze 55MM. 1930 WWKT
R-587b, 1949 Switzerland Chur (Graubünden) shooting medal, Bern mint; silver, plain edge;... 1949 sandy3075
Switzerland Bern 1826 5 rappen overstruck over an older coin. Weight: 1.72g. 1826 gxseries
2 Franken 1974 gradenko
1 Franken 1970 gradenko
1/2 Franken 1995 gradenko
20 Rappen 1960 gradenko
10 Rappen 1970 gradenko
5 Rappen 1984 gradenko
Swiss shooting medal struck for the Cantonal shooting festival at Aarau, in Aargau. 1908 Ian
1891 Swiss Bern 600th Anniversary of Perpetual Alliance Medal by Bovy/C. Richard. Bronze: 36MM.... 1891 WWKT
1872 Swiss Geneva, Commemorate Birth of A Son in Dufour Verne Family Medal by H. Bovy/ Bronze:... 1872 WWKT
1907 Swiss St. Gervais Geneve Vouge de Faubourg music awarded Medal by L.Schlutter/E.Lossier.... 1907 WWKT