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Half Franc 1981 Aurum
Denominacion: 5 Centimos. 1975 DrSanchez
Switzerland 2 Francs, 1995, Brilliant Uncirculated full lustre. 1995 Master_Jmd
Switzerland Year: 1968 Denomination: 5 Frank Mint Mark: B 1968 kid_romeo
Swiss Zofingen Mitelscheizer Schuetzenfst Medal by Franz Homberg. Silber: 38MM 1900 WWKT
1974 Switzerland 1 Franken from mint set. 1974 Tiffibunny
Switzerland 1952 1 franc. Blasting white, probably an excellent UNC grade here. A little carbon... 1952 gxclone
5 francs Wine Festival of Vevey bimetal coin 1999 bart
switzerland 10 rappen 1990 aklesh
This is the second type of 20 Swiss Francs known as "Vrenelli" which depicts a female head with... 1935 LuckyLuke
10 Rappen KM#27 3.0000 g., Copper-Nickel, 19.1 mm. Obv: Crowned head right Obv.Leg.:... 1959 Tomux
Switzerland 5 Francs 1931B 1931 Akdeveli
Swiss Shooting Fest. Wohlen Aaraguer Kantonal-Schiessen by Franz Homberg,Silver 45MM. Mintage 529 1899 WWKT
20 rappen 1965 adrian1310
3 Denari, Canton of Ticino. A heavy gouge in the left center obverse.... 1814 elverno
1974 Switzerland 5 Franken from mint set. 1974 Tiffibunny
One of the few gold coins issued anywhere in the world in 1947. the other relatively common one... 1947 LawrenceChard
1/2 franc medal alignment 23 stars around figure of Helvetia copper-nickel 2003 bart
1974 Switzerland 5 Franken, Revision of the constitution. CU-NI, 31mm, 12.2g, mintage 3,709,000. 1974 Tiffibunny