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Swiss Shooting Fest. Luzern Kant.Schützenfest. Engraved by Hugues Bovy. Obv: Knight in front of... 1894 WWKT
20 francs Jeremias Gotthelf 1997 bart
5 francs. 1976, 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Murtem 1976 henry12
½ Bazen, Canton of St. Gallen.... 1815 elverno
2 Franc. Beautifully Toned. Mintage 4,132,000. 1967 Byrd740
Swiss Aarau Eidgenoessisches Schuetzenfest Medal by Hans Frei/Julius. Bronze 50MM. 1924 WWKT
1/2 batzen. Bern. Bilon. 1788 podzemnik2
5 Centimes 1982 Switzerland 1982 Samaya
KM-3.2, 1936 Switzerland rappen, Bern mint (B mintmark); bronze, plain edge; lighter uncirculated. 1936 sandy3075
Switzerland 5 francs 1968-B 1968 pet
10 Rappen (Copper-Nickel) : 1879-1993 Obverse: Head of Helvetia right, LIBERTAS on headband,... 1962 gm99
10 FRANCS, Gold .900, 3.23g 18.5mm, Vrenelli - Helvetia, B- Bern MintMintage: 1.020,000 A gift... 1922 KardGeo
1826 Swiss 5 Batzen MS-64 1826 regandon
Oval shaped silver medalet issued for the shooting festival at Chur in 1949 1949 Ian
Swiss Medal by Han von Frei. Silver 39.8MM Obv: Eagle in the clutches of ears of corn on Ocean,... 1918 WWKT
1929-B Switzerland 10 Rappen 1929 Morning_Light
1 rappen. Helvetia. (B) Bern mint. Br. 1882 podzemnik
Geneve St. Georges Geneva Medal. Silver:47MM. Mintage: 210 1895 WWKT
1952 Zug Meisterchaft Medal by Hugunin. Silver plated Bronze 60MM./95.7 gm. 1952 WWKT
2 Francs Ag 835 10g 1879 Swisspat