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Greek Massilia, 200 - 150 B.C., silver Tetrobal. Obv: Artemis with bow and quiver behind her... -175 France
Silver Tetradrachme from the Aeolian city of Kyme circa 165 -140 BC. Obverse bust of the Amazon... -165 Turkey
silver tetradrachm from the Aeolian city state of Myrina. Appollo laureate obverse. Statue of... -165 Turkey
Greek autonomous state - Tomis 100-200 BC Hermes helmeted / Winged Cadeuces -150 Greece
Nice large flan Tetradrachm from the Greek island of Thasos. 31mm and 17.6 gms. This one circa... -150 Greece
Cistophoric tetradrachm from Roman times in the Ionian area of Turkey. I've never taken the time... -150 Turkey
Pampylia, SIde AV: Athena with corinthian Helmet RV: Nike advancing left, holding wreath,... -150 Greece
Decimius Flavus silver denier minted in Rome 150 bc. Obverse `Roma'. Reverse has Luna in a Biga. -150 Italy
A q fabius labeo Roman Silver Denarius from 124 BC -124 Italy
-120 Spain
Roman republic denarius depicting the Dioscouri (Castor and Pollux) obverse, and the prow of a... -107 Italy
After 104 BC Ilergetes Iberian Celts Ceca Iltirta Male bust right, three dolphins swimming... -104 Spain
Celtic 'Potin' Coin. Obverse Crude head? right Reverse Curve & Circle pattern. Boat?, zig-zag... -100 United Kingdom
Danubian Celtic imitation of Philip II. Obv: Zeus Rev: Horse and Wheel, Silver, 1st Century B.C. -100 Unknown
Celtiberian denarius of Osca, ca 180 to 20 B.C. -100 Spain
As of Obulco. Female bust on obverse. Plow and ear of grain on reverse. -100 Spain
PCI 7, Group 1, Scottishmoney, Gallia Belgica Potin -100 Roman Empire
Celt-Iberian Castulo Bull. 1st Century B.C. Semis. -100 Spain
Bronze As produced by the Celtiberian people of Emporium. -100 Spain
silver drachm (a la tete cubiste)of the Volques Tectosages, a celtic tribe from the Toulouse... -100 France
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