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Silver 1772 Mexico 1/2 Real KM#69.2 Armored Bust Carlos III Nice Go Here:... 1772 Mexico
1773 Mexico 1/2 reale 1773 Mexico
1773 Virginia Halfpenny. 1773 USA
1 real Carlos III 1773 Mexico
1773 Real Minted in Mexico Metal Detector Find 1773 Mexico
Half Real 1773 Mexico
1774 two real Mexico mint -slight bend at top- 1774 Mexico
Mexico 8 reales 1775-FM 1775 Mexico
medal for civilian service 1775 USA
medal for military achievement 1775 USA
The History Channel Club Token 1776 USA
Libertas Americana medal. Restruck in bronze by the Paris Mint, 2006. 1776 Exonumia North America
Continental Dollar, replica of first US coins, 36.5 mm 1776 USA
Massachusetts Pine tree shilling - COPY 1776 USA
1776 USA
1776 USA
8 Reales (shipwreck) 1778 Mexico
colonial era coin, not sure if it's British or Mochin Mills. 1778 USA
8 Reales, Spanish King Carlos III. Mexico City Mint, F.F. 1778 Mexico
Charles III 8 Reales, Mexico city mint. 1778 Mexico