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1800/1799 Variety Draped Bust Large Cent. 1800 USA
Draped Bust half cent. Actual color is a deep chocolate brown. 1800 USA
Draped Bust Half Dime. V-2, LM-3, R.4. LIBEKTY variety. The R in LIBERTY is open at the top,... 1800 USA
1800's Bank of montreal half penny token 1800 Canada
Mexico silver medal/decoration celebrating Charles IV of Spain. 1800 Exonumia North America
Mexico 8 Reales chopmarks 1800 Mexico
8 Reales, Mexico City.... 1801 Mexico
For some reason, the Carolus coins were more often (and more heavily) chopped than the Ferdins.... 1801 Mexico
1801 8 Reales Mexico Pillar Dollar. Extra Fine Conditions 1801 Mexico
1801 Large Cent 1801 USA
Third President Thomas Jefferson 1801-1807 1801 USA
3rd President Thomas Jefferson 1$ 1801-1809 1801 USA
A very scarce date, this one is an O-101 R.3 graded F-12 by PCGS 1801 USA
1802 2 over 1 draped bust dollar, raw. 1802 USA
Draped Bust Large Cent Variety Stemless wreath 1802 USA
1802 One real Mexico Mint metal Detector Find 1802 Mexico
Spanish colonial, Mexico, Charles IV, 8 Reales, 1802. 26.88g, 39mm, Silver. Assayer: F.T. Mexico... 1802 Mexico
1803 Sm. 3 Draped Bust Dollar 1803 USA
Draped bust large cent, raw. 1803 USA
1803 Draped Bust Half Cent. 1803 USA