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Kettle token of a 1803 gold half eagle, made of brass, most of these were used as gambling... 1803 USA
Draped Bust half cent 1803 USA
8 reales F.T. 1803 Mexico
8 Reales 1803 Mexico
A sweet VF draped bust half from the year of the Louisiana Purchase! A huge mintage compared to... 1803 USA
1803 U.S. Draped Bust Large Cent. 1803 USA
1803 Half Cent Improperly Cleaned 1803 USA
1803 Dollar 1803 USA
1803 Large Cent 1803 USA
1803 Large Cent 1803 USA
Here is my second example of this die marriage, 1803 bust halves are not easy to find, so when I... 1803 USA
Mexico Morelos eagle? countermark on blank uniface planchet. 1803 Mexico
1803 Draped Bust large cent, reverse scratches. 1803 USA
1804 Half cent 1804 USA
½ Penny. Plain 4, stemless.... 1804 USA
Draped Bust Half Cent, MS-63 BN: NTC. My last MS copper for now, more will come when I get the... 1804 USA
1804 U.S. Half Cent, Draped Bust, C-10 Variety. 1804 USA
4 Reales. Spanish King Carlos IIII. Mexico City mint, T.H. 1804 Mexico
Half Cents - 1804 crosslet 4 Stems BN, COHEN 9. 1804 USA
1804 half cent 1804 USA