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nice 1917 2 millimes, hard to see wear on this coin but design is crisp 1917 Egypt
5 centismi, coin woudln't be bad if the obverse didnt have knocks and chips 1961 Italy
a nice 1921 10 centimes, looks to have a burn on the obverse, perhaps war damage 1921 France
1918 KN penny, condition is fair but a hard to get coin and they were not well struck 1918 United Kingdom
1918 H penny 3,600,800 minted, so quite desireable, condition not the best though 1918 United Kingdom
5,209,600 of the 1919 H AND KH penny's were minted so another desirebale piece 1919 United Kingdom
lustrous 10 grochen, hard to get hold of one in this condition as it had a long circulation life... 1957 Austria
nice french oceana 2 francs, again aluminium, nice design but not as nice as the 1F 1949 Cameroon
1 mark from DDR, 1956, condition is good, no signs of wear, no lustre though 1956 Germany
10 centismi from italy, a nice looking coin, i think the colouration gives it a nice look, still... 1939 Italy
5 centimes from 1914, another goregous design, not in the best condition but still in a decent... 1914 France
first yea for these gorgeous coins, the coin itself is hard wearing so not really much to go off,... 1917 France
the start of the vichy coins rather plain coins compared to earlier issues and like most... 1942 France
a nice 1 franc, again vichy issue aluminium but quite good considering how easy it wears 1943 France
another nice design from italy, this time Vctor Emanuel III, 2nd coinage while not in the best of... 1914 Italy
a very nice italian 50 centesimi, a rather short lived design (1936-43) and only 1936 was issued... 1939 Italy
1917 silver 5 piastres, a limited run for this design, from 1916 -22, not in the best condition,... 1917 Egypt
the fourth republic coinage brought about larger denominations the coins themselves not the most... 1951 France
1 1953 50 francs, sticks to the designs and metal of the 10 and 20 francs 1953 France
a nice 1900 1 pfennig, detail is quite good and reverse is still sharp, nicer then most 1900 Germany
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