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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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mice 1956 D cent 1956 USA
another 1956 cent in similar condition to the other 2 1956 USA
lustrous 1958 1 cent, gorgeous coin 1958 USA
1958 D cent, still good condition 1958 USA
a VF 1959 D cent, nice coin to start off the new reverse with 1959 USA
another blackened cent, condition not the best but the colouration makes it stand out 1963 USA
another blackened cent, this time from 1964, in a decent conditon too 1964 USA
lustrous 1964 D cent 1964 USA
another great condition 1964 cent, there are lustre traces 1964 USA
nice condition 1969 S cent, obverse legends and date seems to be weaker then usual 1969 USA
nice 1970 D cent, subdued lustre, very nice also seems to be a flatter o in oF 1970 USA
wonderful full lustre 1970 cent, probably AUNC as some lustre has faded 1970 USA
another lustrous 1970, this one is a D nice and bright colouration, seen a bit more circulation... 1970 USA
a nice 1972 cent, toned, nice reverse 1972 USA
1972 D cent, bit of dye wear or a weak strike on reverse 1972 USA
prooflike strike, a nice polished look and crisp strike a gorgeous coin 1973 USA
lustrous 1974 cent, looks like a fairly weak strike 1974 USA
nice crisp 1977 D cent, no lustre but quite a nice strike 1977 USA
off centre 1977 1 cent, lustrous 1977 USA
a nice 1979 D with a fat chunky D mintmark 1979 USA