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nice early swiss 5 centimes, the design on this ran from 1879 so its in a nice condition 1919 Switzerland
gorgeous looking 1 heller from 1903, some interesting shades of brown which isnt lustre, but the... 1903 Austria
a nice 2 heller, seen a bit of circulation but details are good enough 1897 Austria
a very nice 1922 franc, in a very nice condition, the design still has all its detail, a nice piece. 1922 France
wonderful condition, 1958 D not lustrous but considering the date the detail on here is rather... 1958 USA
aluminium 5 francs, simple design, and cheap metal a common thing after the war, has seen use as... 1945 France
possible double dye (look at the 4, in larger scale have seen possible doubling on other parts of... 1948 France
lustrous 1997 10p 1997 United Kingdom
very nice 20p from 1995 1995 United Kingdom
very nice 1991 1p made from copper 1991 United Kingdom
gorgeous lustrous 1937 brass 3D, first year these were minted. 1937 United Kingdom
1950 1D from australia, condition isn't bad, hair on the portrait is better then coins from the... 1950 Australia
1 forint from hungary, a rather plain coin made of aluminium also worn 1967 Hungary
earlier 1 dirham from 1964, shows its wear as it is aluminium 1964 Morocco
2007 United Kingdom
nice lustrous 50p from 1998 1998 United Kingdom
very nice metal mix error, the reverse is more brown then silver 2003 United Kingdom
a nice cud in the 03 0, inside the 0 which makes it a far better coin then if the cud was elsewhere 2003 United Kingdom
one of the VC design 50ps 2006 United Kingdom
the dictionary 50p, one of my favourite designs as it has a modern look to it. 2005 United Kingdom
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