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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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elizabeth I threepence 2nd coinage 1578 United Kingdom
300,000 minted 0.999 silver 1OZ, yellow toning in parts, in case so scratches are on that... 2002 China
a possible variant of the 1954 farthing (thicker rim) 1954 United Kingdom
roman coin from Constans and thassolanica mint (not 100% sure feel free to correct) 337 Roman Empire
a very nice 1956 farthing (scarce 1,996,800 only) 1956 United Kingdom
a decent 1754 farthing, cleaned hence the colour 1754 United Kingdom
a very nice 1853 E.M 2 kopeck. 1853 Russia
lovely toned 1850 cent, sadly holed 1850 USA
a fairly good 1898 dime 1898 USA
a nice 1/4 skilling, with a clipped planchet. 1803 Sweden
a nice early dutch east indies coin. 1734 Netherlands
a realy beuty of a coin, the photo does it no justice, its bright with full lustre and hardly a... 1967 Russia
a very nice small date 1858 farthing, a VERY RARE!!! type in a very nice condition. from Colin... 1858 United Kingdom
partial lustre rest is toned, hardly a mark on the coin but to be safe i will say its not UNC 1861 United Kingdom
scarce large date farthing, added bonus of having an error on the D in D.G also nice kick on the... 1875 United Kingdom
Shih Tsu cash, lovely looking coin, common mint though (restrike?) need more info 1644 China
an early variant of 2008 shield 20p, toned brownish too 2008 United Kingdom
1985 682,103 minted scarce coin, some bworn stripes too 1985 United Kingdom
5p from 1975 minted on a thinner planchet (about 1/4 thinner) 1975 United Kingdom
V cents from 1899 holed but a good looking coin 1899 USA
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