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interesting irish florin, looks to be fake with its odd finish 1955 Ireland
stuttgart 2 euros 281,030,000 minted 2002 Germany
off centre and lustrous 1991 D dime 1991 USA
50 euro cents from 2000 519,550,400 minted 2000 Spain
2001 50 euro cent 94,500,000 minted. 2001 Netherlands
interesting farthing from 1860, seems to have double strikes on all letters on reverse as well as... 1860 United Kingdom
scarcer type with the 1 further from the 6 heavily worn though 1861 United Kingdom
nice 10 francs from 1992 1992 France
nice lustre, faded slightly gives this nice colouration 1996 Tunisia
nice 200 lira, rather plain design compared to the other larger lira coins 1979 Italy
very nice almost uncirculated 1994 10p 1994 Ireland
a 1988 D cent, weakly strukc with some legend almost gone. 1988 USA
lustrous 2000 20 cent from belgium 181,000,000 minted, possible wear of the dye on reverse 2000 Belgium
another scarcer dye coin, the 1 is further away then normal from the 6 (like the halfpenny)sadly... 1861 United Kingdom
lovely 5 escudos, no signs of any wear, lustre has faded though 1997 Portugal
VF 1945 1D 1945 United Kingdom
10 euro cents france, aUNC 447,249,000 minted 1999 France
spain 10 euro cent 292,331,790 minted 2003 Spain
lustrous 1982 cent 1982 USA
nicer 1982 cent, nice red colour 1982 USA