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I collect coins and medals from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras. This spans 1789-1815. The Smith and NP collections were acquired through the generosity of some friends. Any coin that I post

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Louis XVI, France.... 1791 Exonumia Europe
20 Soldi, Sardinia.... 1795 Italy
½ Penny Token (D & H 20 - Angusshire; Dundee.) A Conder that features flax making.... 1797 United Kingdom
Alexander the Great, German States. The comparisons of Alexander I of Russia to Alexander the... 1815 Exonumia Europe
1801 2 Lire, Venice. Under Austrian occupation. Overstruck on an older coin but that coin I've... 1801 Italy
George III, Guinea token, Great Britain. Very common and could have been produced anytime in... 1791 Exonumia Europe
1792 Louis XVI, France. A variant.... 1792 Exonumia Europe
1 Farthing token. A seditious token issued by T. Spence, the man defined sedition in GB in... 1795 United Kingdom
1 Penny Token.... 1803 United Kingdom
3 Pfennig, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.... 1791 Germany
½ Penny Token Suffolk, Haverhill... 1794 United Kingdom
Louis XVI, France. All three of my examples of this piece used different obverse dies and the... 1791 Exonumia Europe
Louis XVI, France. I bought because I thought it might be a die variant but it's just a worn... 1791 Exonumia Europe
1807 3 Kreuzer, Bavaria.... 1807 Germany
Marriage of Napoleon I and Marie Louise, France. A common silver medal.... 1810 Exonumia Europe
50th Anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig. Made from cannonballs picked up on the battlefield.... 1863 Exonumia Europe
1940-D One cent. Collected from circulation around 1963.... 1940 USA
1940 One cent. Collected from circulation around 1963.... 1940 USA
1939-S One cent. Collected from circulation around 1963. I have to laugh about this one. 45... 1939 USA
1939 One cent. Collected from circulation around 1963.... 1939 USA
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