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I collect coins and medals from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras. This spans 1789-1815. The Smith and NP collections were acquired through the generosity of some friends. Any coin that I post

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Congress of Vienna, German States. A rare Lauer jeton that features eight busts on the... 1814 Exonumia Europe
1 Penny. Junk box quality.... 1806 United Kingdom
Manchester & Salford Volunteers, Great Britain. An RRR medal issued by the Volunteers... 1802 Exonumia Europe
20 Kreutzer, Bavaria. Awful, ex-jewelry.... 1805 Germany
Electoral Freedom, Great Britain. A contested election where Birch originally won and since he... 1803 Exonumia Europe
1 Kreutzer, Further Austria.... 1804 Austria
10 Centavos... 2006 Mexico
One Cent... 1896 USA
½ Baiocco, Papal States.... 1802 Italy
8 Tornesi, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.... 1796 Italy
1 Pfenning, Lippe-Detmold... 1802 Germany
One cent. Denver mint.... 1944 USA
2 Soldi, Subalpine Republic The last of five of these that I own. I really need to stop buying... 1801 Italy
1/2 Franc... 1973 France
1 cent.... 1944 USA
10 cents.... 1964 USA
25 cents... 1959 USA
1910 1 Centavo Mexico City mint.... 1910 Mexico
1976 5 Fen Aluminum... 1976 China
1 Kreuzer, Hesse-Darmstadt.... 1801 Germany