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I collect coins and medals from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras. This spans 1789-1815. The Smith and NP collections were acquired through the generosity of some friends. Any coin that I post

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2 Soldi, Subalpine Republic An argument for a grade below About Good. But it is identifiable.... 1801 Italy
2 Soldi, Subalpine Republic... 1801 Italy
1 rappen, Helvetian Republic.... 1801 Switzerland
2 Piastres. One of the single worst condition coins in my collection. It can be identified but... 1801 Turkey
6 Kreutzer Schmollnitz mint.... 1800 Austria
¼ Kreutzer, Vienna mint.... 1800 Austria
1 Kreutzer. Carlsburg mint.... 1800 Austria
1 Kreutzer. Kremnitz mint.... 1800 Austria
1 Penny Token... 1811 United Kingdom
2 Liards, Austrian Netherlands... 1792 Belgium
1 Duit, Netherlands East Indies.... 1790 Indonesia
1 Duit, Netherlands East Indies.... 1790 Indonesia
1 Soldo, Goriza... 1789 Italy
½ Kreutzer. Just awful.... 1781 Austria
2 Liards, Belgian Insurrection.... 1790 Belgium
1 Kreutzer. Schmollnitz mint. Not a great example but identifiable.... 1790 Austria
2 Sols token. Like the need for the contemporary Conder tokens in Britain the French merchants... 1791 France
1791 12 Deniers. Royal variety.... 1791 France
1 Kreuzer, Tyrolean Insurrection.... 1809 Austria
15 Sols... 1791 France