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I collect coins and medals from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras. This spans 1789-1815. The Smith and NP collections were acquired through the generosity of some friends. Any coin that I post

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2 ½ Pfenning, Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. A one year type.... 1792 Germany
Louis XVI, France. This unlisted variant could actually date as late as 1793.... 1791 Exonumia Europe
Death of George III, Great Britain. A mule that used two dies produced at the time of George... 1820 Exonumia Europe
Loge des Commandeurs du Mont-Thabor, France. Like all period Masonic medals this is quite... 1807 Exonumia Europe
1790 Confederation of three Departments, France.... 1790 Exonumia Europe
c. 1820 Louis XVIII, France. Other than possibly being part of some sort of set I can see no... 1820 Exonumia Europe
Death of the Duke D'Orleans, France. A ten-sided lead medal, unlisted as far as I can tell.... 1842 Exonumia Europe
Death of George III, Great Britain. A decent example of a fairly common medal.... 1820 Exonumia Europe
1 Heller, Hesse-Cassel Not my normal period. I bought it advertised as a 1792; should have... 1752 Germany
The Treaty of Paris, Great Britain. This treaty ended the wars after Napoleon's first... 1814 Exonumia Europe
Coronation of Napoleon I, France. This is the 26mm version... 1804 Exonumia Europe
1/2 Penny token.... 1795 United Kingdom
Concordat, France. An interesting and rare medal, marred by tin pest on the obverse.... 1802 Exonumia Europe
1 Batzen, Canton of Solothurn... 1809 Switzerland
Coronation of William IV, Great Britain. RRR... 1831 Exonumia Europe
The Elgin Marbles, Great Britain. Looted from Greece and still a controversy.... 1820 Exonumia Europe
Battle of Camperdown, Great Britain. Obviously cleaned but not a medal that shows up very... 1797 Exonumia Europe
c. 1820 Friedrich August I, Saxony. Could have been produced 10 years before or after 1820.... 1820 Exonumia Europe
1811 One penny token.... 1811 United Kingdom
Sir Joseph Banks, Great Britain. Relatively common though usually found inscribed on the... 1820 Exonumia Europe
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