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Zuid Afrikaanse republiek penny Paul Kruger 1898 South Africa
1898 South Africa
Ottoman Empire 1 Qirsh 1293/23 1898 Egypt
Abdul Hamid II (1293-1327h), Ottoman Gold 10-Qirsh, Misr 1293h, year 23, 0.86g (Pere 976),... 1898 Egypt
South African Republic 1898 1 Penny. 1898 South Africa
KM-1, 1898 ZAP (South Africa) penny; bronze, plain edge; nice brown, hints of luster about... 1898 South Africa
East African Protectorate 1898 1 Pice. 1898 East Africa
KM-1, 1898 East Africa (Protectorate) pice; bronze, plain edge; almost uncirculated, brown,... 1898 East Africa
1 Penny, Zuid Afrik. Republiek (Z.A.R.) 1898 South Africa
1898 south africa penny, looks EF but with weak striking 1898 South Africa
SouthAfrica-ZAR 1 Penny 1898 1898 South Africa
One Penny Grade: NGC AU Details Cert #: 3566358-031 1898 South Africa
1898 South Africa Penny KM# 2 ZAR Large Bronze Nice Grade Circ Low Mintage Go Here:... 1898 South Africa
German East Africa 1898 1 rupee. Mintage: 318,000. Weight: 11.34g. 1898 Tanzania
South African Republic 1898 3 Pence. Sammy Marks Tickey. Jeweller's copy. Crude... 1898 South Africa
KM-11.1, 1899 Mauritius 20 cents, Royal Mint; silver, reeded edge; last Victoria mintage, good... 1899 Mauritius
KM-1, 1899 East Africa (Protectorate) pice; bronze, plain edge; Victoria, last of the 3 year... 1899 East Africa
I don't know about it ,only know it is 25P coin,and i think it should be France Africa coins from... 1900 Unknown
Baden Powell, General French, General Miller, medalet missing loop on top 1900 South Africa
Laidlaw 0100, Hern 408, AM: 181 c.1900 South Africa commemorative medal; nickel, plain edge, 21.5... 1900 South Africa