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German East Africa 1/4 rupie Wilhelm II, emperor Hamburg Mint 0.917 silver 1906 East Africa
1/2 heller. Deutsch Ostafrika. 'J'- Hamburg mint. Mintage 6,000,000 units. Br. 1906 Tanzania
KM-9, 1906 Liberia 50 cents, Heaton mint (H mintmark); silver, reeded edge; from good fine to... 1906 Liberia
East Africa & Uganda Protectorates 1906 25 Cents. 1906 East Africa
German East Africa 1/4 rupie, F grade 1906 Burundi
KM-8, 1906 Liberia 25 cents, Heaton mint (H mint mark), silver, reeded edge; fine or so, reverse... 1906 Liberia
KM-5, 1906 Liberia cent, Heaton mint (H mint mank); bronze, plain edge; a smaller mintage and... 1906 Liberia
KM-7, 1906 Liberia 10 cents, Heaton mint (H mintmark); silver, reeded edge; small mintage of... 1906 Liberia
10 Cents. British East Africa & Uganda Protectorates. Edward VII. 1907 East Africa
KM-1, 1907 British West Africa 1/10 penny; aluminum, plain edge; Edrawd VII, first BWA coin,... 1907 British West Africa
German east africa one rupien 1907 Tanzania
East Africa and Uganda Protectorates 10 cents Edward VII, king and emperor 1907 East Africa
East Africa & Uganda Protectorates, Edward VII, One Cent, 1907. Aluminium. Mintage: 6,948,000... 1907 East Africa
KM-2, 1907 British West Africa penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; nice uncirculated or about,... 1907 British West Africa
Nigeria - British West Africa 1/10 penny Edward VII, king & emperor aluminum 1907 British West Africa
French Protectorate 50 centimes AH1325 Muhammad al-Nasir Bey 0.835 silver mintage:201,000 1907 Tunisia
French Protectorate 1 franc AH1325 Muhammad al-Nasir Bey 0.835 silver mintage: 301,000 1907 Tunisia
1/4 Rupie. DEUTSCH OST AFRIKA. Wilhelm II (1888-1918). 'J'- Hamburg mint. Mintage 200,000... 1907 Tanzania
13Al First circulating Aluminum coin. Prior to the invention of the Hall-Héroult electrolytic... 1907 East Africa
French protectorate of Tunisia | 5 Centimes, 1907 | 25 mm, 5 gr. | Bronze | Obverse:... 1907 Tunisia