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1888 20 stotinki, obverse is worse then the 20 but the reverse is better. 1888 Bulgaria
one year issue in zink, to replace the silver issues which went before them 1917 Bulgaria
univesity games 50 stotinki 1977 Bulgaria
5 lev piece, decent sized coin in cupro nickel 1930 Bulgaria
large cupro nickel coin from bulgaria, same design as the 5 lev only larger (british pre decimal... 1930 Bulgaria
weimar 5 reichpfennig, last year of the issue before the nazi issues 1936 Germany
50 reichpfennig, minted in 1935, this coin was not put into circulation until 1939, this is the... 1935 Germany
a very nice 1 heller, no lustre but shows limited signs of circulation possible toned a nice... 1896 Austria
a zinc 10 centimes, only minted in 1941 (the design had been used since 1914) 1941 France
lustrous florin from 1965 very nice irish coin still as most 1965 irish coins had more wear then... 1965 Ireland
a jersey 1966 crown, bit of toning on reverse at the top 1966 Jersey
1951 crown, very nice coin 1951 United Kingdom
a Very good example of a 5 centimes from the 3rd republic there are many worse 1897 France
a nice 10 centimes from the third republic, one of the earlier yeasrs of the issue and the coin... 1872 France
another 5 centimes from the third republic in a nice condition. 1896 France
very nice 5 pfennig from the german empire, detail on the eagle is gorgeous with limited wear,... 1876 Germany
lustrous 1 peseta, gorgeous coin 1966 Spain
lustrous aluminum!, a long date run of this type of coin makes finding one in this condition a... 1954 Austria
a lustrous 50 groschen near the end of a shortish run of this design, a gem considering it is... 1952 Austria
a 1 year only design 25 centimes, ina nice condition 1903 France
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