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KM-11, 1942 Ireland penny; bronze, plain edge; common, decent very fine. 1942 Ireland
KM-289, AH1292//28 (1902) Egypt 1/10 quirsh; copper-nickel, plain edge; Sultan Abdul Hamid II,... 1293 Egypt
KM-705, 1867 Sweden ore; bronze, plain edge; Carl XV Adolf, good fine details, deposits in devices. 1867 Sweden
KM-575.1, 1967 Brazil centavo; stainless steel, plain edge; 3-year type of cruzero novo, bright... 1967 Brazil
Y#60, BE2487 (1944) Thailand satang; tin, plain edge; Rama VIII, 1-year circulation type, bright... 1944 Thailand
KM-528, 1939 British India 1/2 pice; Bombay mint (dot under date); bronze, plain edge; George VI,... 1939 India
KM-590, 1855 German States Wurttemberg kreuzer; silver, plain edge with indentations; King... 1852 Germany
KM-10, 1937 Liberia half cent, Brussells mint; nickel-brass, plain edge; 1- year type,... 1937 Liberia
KM-14, 1903 Germany (Empire) mark, Hamburg mint (J mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Wilhelm II,... 1903 Germany
KM-2, 1891 German East Africa rupie; silver, reeded edge; Wilhelm II, early type, smaller... 1891 East Africa
KM-354, 1758 German States Free City of Hamburg schilling; silver, thin flan, plain edge; good to... 1758 Germany
KM-44, 1858 German States Schaumburg-Lippe silber groschen; silver, plain edge; Prince Georg... 1858 Germany
KM-57, 1963 South Africa (Republic) cent; brass, plain edge; 4-year transitional Republican... 1963 South Africa
KM-79.1, 1963 Vatican 10 lire; aluminum, plain edge; Year I of Pope Paul VI, mintage 90,000,... 1963 Vatican
KM-11, 1937 Liberia cent, Brussels mint; nickel-brass, plain edge; 1-year type, well circulated. 1937 Liberia
KM-16a.1, 1966 Liberia 25 cents, Royal Mint (London); copper-nickel, reeded edge; first year of... 1966 Liberia
KM-15.2, 1936 South Africa (Dominion) 3 pence; silver, plain edge; late George V, well circulated. 1936 South Africa
KM-19.1, 1954 Nicaragua 50 centavos, Royal Mint (London); copper-nickel, lettered edge BNN; extra... 1954 Nicaragua
GB53A18 Reverse detail - no colon after DEF. 1853 United Kingdom
KM-725, 1853 Great Britain farthing; copper, plain edge; Victoria, first type, raised WW, no... 1853 United Kingdom
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