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Switzerland 10 Rappen 1895B 1895 Akdeveli
Swiss shooting fest Edig. Schutzenfest Winterthur by George Hantz/H. Wildermuth, silver 45MM.... 1895 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest St. Gallen by Franz Homberg,Silver 45MM. Mintage: 800 Obv: Rampant bear... 1895 WWKT
Swiss Fur Freihelt und Vaterland Altdorf Tell-Denkmal Medal. Silver: 50 mm 1895 WWKT
Swiss Kant Schutzenfest Solothurn engraved by Hugues Bovy/C. Amiet, Bronze 45 MM. Mintage: 300 1895 WWKT
Swiss gold 20 francs of 1896, with head of Helvetia. 1896 LawrenceChard
Medal commemorating the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva 1896. Other designs exist. 1896 Ian
1896 Switzerlan 20 Rappen 1896 Tiffibunny
Swiss shooting medal in bronze. Geneva 1896 by Bovy (1202 examples struck) 1896 Ian
Swiss Shooting Medal - Geneva 1896 1896 Ian
Confederation, 20 Francs, 1896B, 6.42g, 0.9000 Gold, .1867 oz. AGW. Mintage: 400,000 units. No... 1896 HKMAL
Geneve L'exposition Nationale Suissi Medal. Silver plated Bronze 33MM 1896 WWKT
Swiss Aarau Jubilaeumsschiessen Medal by R. Munger/Franz Homberg. Silver: 38MM. 1896 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest Aargauisches Kantonals Schutzenfest Baden by Franz Homberg, Silver 45mm.... 1896 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest. Geneva by Hugues Bovy. Silver. 45 MM. Mintage: 966 1896 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest. Geneva by Hugues Bovy. Bronze. 45 MM. Mintage: 1,202 1896 WWKT
Switzerland 20 Rappen 1896B 1896 Akdeveli
Swiss Shooting Fest. Bern Kantonales Schützenfest by M. Leu. Silver. 45MM. Mintage: 1,250 1897 WWKT
Swiss shooting medal issued for the cantonal Shooting festival at Beider, Basel in 1897. Slight... 1897 Ian
1897 Silver shooting medal/ Olten, 45mm 1897 HKMAL